UK Progressives want Katie Hopkins jailed for daring to disagree

Everybody is agreed that something has to be done about shiploads of fake refugees invading Europe from North Africa.

For UK Progressives, the first thing they’d like to do is see the outspoken Sun columnist Katie Hopkins fired and then prosecuted and jailed for comments a few days ago wherein she called for military action against the invaders.

More than 200,000 people so far have signed a petition got up by someone called Izzy Saunders demanding her removal from the paper because she wrote something with which they disagreed. Not just to sack her but also prosecute her and prosecute the editor of the Sun.

I’m so fed up with these damn totalitarians I feel its time they felt some real wrath for what they have done to a country that was once responsible for establishing truly liberal govts in so many parts of the globe.

The UK is now nothing but a rank totalitarian hole and its the petty tyranny of the Progressives that is mainly responsible. I just have to wonder how long we will allow ourselves to be dominated by these modern day examples of the same kind of totalitarian groups we have observed throughout history taking countries into the abyss.

They’ve been too smart so far to start killing dissenters, but one can see them getting closer to that remedy every day.

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2 replies

  1. “They’ve been too smart so far to start killing dissenters, but one can see them getting closer to that remedy every day”

    Good to see someone else understands where this ends up. We are marching into the abyss.


  2. What is missed and not reported here in NZ, is the Islamic State Libya, yes they are there to.

    Has threatened to send 500,000 boat refugees to Europe. Basically a human tsunami.

    Not bad for a bunch of rag tag terrorists.

    Training the phantom Iraqi army from behind the wire in a heavily guarded camp, is little more than giving token recognition to the corrupt Iraqi Government. Or the totalitarian House of Saud, in Saudi Arabia, where the likes of Osama Bin Laden came from in the first place.

    In this token effort, what are we really going to teach Iraqi soldiers about suicide bombers and IED’s, worth the target we have painted on our backs.

    Lets hope that a suicide bomber or insurgents dressed as Iraqi soldiers do not get access to the camp.

    Non of what IS has achieved would have been possible without the support of the population of these Countries.

    One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.

    Not an IS supporter at all, but in war and this is war, bad things happen. The question, is this a war we really need to get involved in and are we going to make a difference and the answer has to be no and no.


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