NZ PM John Key pulling waitress’s pony tail- not sufficiently apologetic

I know there’s a faction out there that thinks this is a beat up by left wing groups seeking to get some kind of advantage over Key, and I’m inclined to take that view myself.

However I think we need to be mindful of the fact that Key is not some minor backbencher, or even some run of the mill MP known only in some country backwater somewhere, he’s actually the Prime Minister and he represents NZ on the world stage.

So like it or not, any lapse of judgment will attract global attention. And if there is something salacious about the issue, even more attention. Key has made worldwide headlines on an issue I am sure he deeply regrets.

Furthermore, I am yet to be convinced that Key himself sees this with the required degree of seriousness. Sure he appears contrite, but in the interview above with TV3, seems to be suggesting the complaint was perhaps a little unfair to him.

This is a bad mistake IMHO. As much as it may stick in your craw Mr. Key, the hard left have got you on this one, and there is no other way out of it but an extremely sincere, serious and grovelling apology where you take all of the blame for what occurred. The light weight stuff isn’t going to go anywhere.

Further reading- John Key waitress hair pulling story (now validated)

9 thoughts on “NZ PM John Key pulling waitress’s pony tail- not sufficiently apologetic

  1. I agree, treat all women as potentially caustic and you will only come unstuck when obviously framed. I think it was a weird thing to do and that John Campbell video is creepy in this day and age where everything is seen as sexually motivated.

    You have to be a real, not pseudo, leftie to get away with this nonsense.


  2. I want to see John Key gone, but not this way, not due to a left-wing orchestrated non-event blown out of all proportion by the MSM. And this event has been very well orchestrated. I want to see him defeated on policy grounds – a rejection of his progressive agenda by the true right-wingers in New Zealand.


    • Admirable and principled POV Ashley but IMHO you’ll never get rid of Key by the means you suggest.

      The socialist mindset is too deeply embedded in NZ for that to happen, and that won’t change until we get a politician who doesn’t pander to it like Key, but like (for example) Nigel Farage can influence people to think differently.

      I don’t care what it takes to get rid of this duplicitous slimy flag changing bastard, and barring anything dishonest or criminal, I’ll welcome any opportunity that presents itself.


  3. Amanda Bailey.
    John Campbell.
    Citizen “A” (Bomber Bradburys group of bloggers).
    Reject the political system.
    Bombers blog.
    Stop the search and surveillance bill now!
    Campaign for the living wage.
    The 9/11 truth factory.

    She also has plenty of socialist/environmental bullshit scattered throughout her page.

    After seeing this, I would not be surprised to find that the whole thing was a complete set up as per a certain bloggers instructions to do the most damage possible.
    Why else would she already be thinking. “Il keep this wine as evidence”?


  4. What is of concern is that this seems to be some sort of serial fetish thing going on.

    Of most concern is the age of the young girl in 2014. Also how many other times has this happened and not been caught on camera.

    There is more to this story and not in a good way.

    I do not think this is some sort of left wing beat up or conspiracy, they will jump on it for their own purposes.

    But the questions still remains. Is this some sort of low level pedo behaviour


    • Nothing, NOTHING, John Key has done would suggest anything like what you are implying and it’s suggestions like yours that are driving men from our classrooms and making good fathers afraid to get physical with their daughters. That kind of shit arises from the “all men are rapists” school of thought and is the only “low level behaviour” on display around here.


      • I said low level and it is at a low level. Stretching it to rape is way off the mark.

        And that this sort of behaviour is serial in nature and that there is more to come and how would you be, there is more coming out.

        The age of those involved and the difference of age should be a warning.

        Yes pedophile is the right word, especially with the power difference.

        But hey lets wait and see what else comes out.


  5. The issue here is this- why didn’t Amanda go through normal channels to make complaint? Answer- because the restaurant owners were personal friends of JK and she believed they would fire her rather than do something.

    Why did she think this? Answer- because she had already expressed a complaint to the owners and nothing was done. Key kept pulling her hair.

    So this is her justification for going to a blog.

    Some problems with this- first, she made a very bad choice in respect of where to publicize her case.

    Second, she should perhaps have tried harder to establish a complaint through formal channels, or though without knowing the situation at the restaurant, one would need to be careful on this.

    Another important point is that employers face heavy fines if they do not follow designated procedures in respect of dealing with the very first complaint about harassment, but to be fair to Amanda she may not have known this.


    • The owners may have been in the same situation, how do you approach the most powerful man in New Zealand with something like that.

      There is only one person to blame here and that is the perpetrator and that is John Key himself.

      This sort of thing is always serial in nature. There is always more to come out as well. he may not even be conscious that he is doing it.

      No different to people who sniff shoe, nickers etc

      My concern is the age of the girls involved.


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