Nats Broadcasting Minister Amy Adams appoints two women to TVNZ board


Sussan Turner

Broadcasting Minister Amy Adams today announced the appointment of Sussan Turner as a Director of TVNZ and the elevation of Therese Walsh to Deputy Chair.

“As a former Group CEO of Mediaworks, Ms Turner has extensive television and media knowledge and experience and will bring real depth and substance to the role,” says Ms Adams.

“Ms Walsh has been a Director of TVNZ since 2012 and has made a considerable contribution since her appointment. She will provide strong leadership support to the board in her new position as Deputy Chair.

“Together these women bring a breadth of experience and talent to TVNZ and I wish them well as they settle into their new roles.”

Therese Walsh

Therese Walsh

Both women have been appointed three-year terms. The TVNZ Board will now have a majority of women members.

Ok, well, we all know don’t we readers, that gender played no role at all in these appointments.

5 thoughts on “Nats Broadcasting Minister Amy Adams appoints two women to TVNZ board

  1. At the risk of stating the obvious: Along with most of television these days, the news is made for the consumption of female viewers.
    It seems that if news is not made with indifference to the female part of a typical TV audience then its quality as an informational vehicle will suffer greatly. Evidence: One News; or, for that matter, TVNZ’s current affairs programming advertised with slow-motion shots and lens flare, of its host (Miriama Kamo). (What in the….??)


  2. Hard to believe that these two are the best people for the job.

    Get most of my news from overseas the local news has been nothing but crap and the international news regurgitated, B grade, propaganda.


  3. These two need to be kept a hard eye on , i bet $10.00 that they will self destruct in 2-3 years.


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