Police rape victim selected as Anzac of the year.

Radio New Zealand reports-

Louise Nicholas has been named Anzac of the Year at a special presentation at Government House in Wellington this evening. The Governor General’s Anzac of the Year Award is presented in association with the RSA.

The Governor General’s Anzac of the Year Award is presented in association with the RSA. Its aim is to recognise the Anzac spirit of extraordinary courage, compassion, comradeship and commitment in New Zealanders today.

The citation for the award said Ms Nicholas typified the ordinary person stepping up to do extraordinary things in the service of others.

It noted Ms Nicholas’s personal history as a survivor of childhood and adult rape, which saw her challenge the police she alleged raped her, through two deposition hearings and five court cases.

Her complaint led to a full police investigation, “Operation Austin,” and a Commission of Inquiry into police conduct.

Today, Ms Nicholas works with Rape Prevention Education as its National Survivor Advocate, and has also worked with the police, educating officers about sexual crime.

Really, I’m not sure about this choice at all. Why do we need to be reminded about such a shameful event and something that reflects so poorly upon the NZ Police Dept on a day when we honour served and fallen Australian and New Zealand service men and women?

I could be wrong, but the choice seems to have the whiff of political correctness about it and I think we should try and keep politics right out of Anzac day. Especially when it opens scars like this.

5 thoughts on “Police rape victim selected as Anzac of the year.

  1. Well said Red it’s beyound the pale.

    That’s nothing like total sacrifice.

    There is a 70 something yld NZ woman who is serving in Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity Order in Sri Lanka – mostly working with young single mothers, prostitutes, the mentaly ill, lepers, abandoned children ect, in appalling conditions in impoverished areas. She lives with them in the likes of an orphanage and eats the extreme basics. She is allowed back to NZ once every 10yrs for 1 month, not even for family funerals. That’s the last I heard.And I have also meet her twice in the past.

    Gallipoli it may not be – but she joined the Order in — 1971! — and went to India.

    I’d bet London to a brick the men in the SAS would be impressed.

    “Least We forget”


  2. How can you keep “politics out” when the leftists would have had us surrender to Hitler and Tojo? The Veterans (and their mates still in Galipoli and Flanders) would have hated todays leftist with a vengeance: they fought and died to keep NZ free from their kind.


  3. I may be wrong on this but was it the case that some of her allegations were not proven.

    If this is the best we can do for the ANZAC spirit then we are in serious trouble.

    Then again it was a military disaster.

    Louise Nicholas is all about Louise Nicholas.She needs to get over herself and move on with life.


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