Feminist Commanders force Army cadets to wear red high heels


This story was forwarded to me by a loyal and valued reader. Thanks Don.

At first I thought it must be a leftover from April Fools day, but I looked into it a little further and as unbelievable as it seems, it appears to be a true story. It started with a posting on Reddit-

So check this out. Tomorrow morning our entire rotc battalion is doing this “walk a mile in her shoes” event where we all walk a mile in ACUs with bright red high heels in place of our boots to promote awareness for sexual abuse on campus. Attendance is mandatory and if we miss it we get a negative counseling and a “does not support the battalion sharp/EO mission” on our COT OER for getting the branch we want. So I just spent $16 on a pair of high heels that I have to spray paint red later only to throw them in the trash after 300 of us embarrass the army tomorrow. Just a heads up for when you see us all over army WTF moments. Us infantry, grunt works, and every other army page on the lnternet…..this is hands down the stupidest fucking thing I’ve done…

This is just another example of what Progressives are doing to our culture in their mad quest to break it down and rebuild it in the style they perceive as superior.

That Services command goes along with this Marxist madness indicates how deeply the ideological corruption is embedded. How many readers would think the Chinese People’s Liberation Army gets their soldiers to do exercises in red high heels?

What really disturbs me is how these destructive ideas just seem to keep coming. To the extent that we’re not even surprised to find such an event really happened.

Surely someone in the US sooner or later is going to awake to the corruption and stop it. Either that or the West just forgets about having any kind of Defence force at all.

This story is so bad it prompts me to include part of another article referenced by another reader (thanks Pascal).

It irritates me no end that, almost without fighting, those seeking to overthrow and destroy Western Civilization have captured it almost entirely without actual fighting, mostly by persuasion and cunning. And now we have no choice left but the worst one possible, to watch our own cities burn or surrender and burn in them ourselves. All the same, that is reality…it is a higher excellence to persuade people to recognize reality and act in accordance with truth because it is more difficult. In the end, most people only accept the truth when death is the obvious alternative. And some not even then. As long as the economy continues to limp along, as long as bending the knee to tyranny is sufficient to preserve life, as long as the chains of slavery really do rest lightly on those who have forgotten our country…who are we to say that they are wrong?

I’m not ready to concede we’re that far down the tube yet. I will acknowledge though we’re very close to it. There are so many good people still out there, and all we need is a catalyst and some real organisation. We can stop this evil.

6 thoughts on “Feminist Commanders force Army cadets to wear red high heels

  1. Its very disturbing how many officers and troops have either resigned or been forced out of the US military. Putin and the Chinese must be laughing their heads off. This is the same as some Marines having to wear imitation pregnancy bellies to appreciate how women feel several months ago. Bloody crazy !!


  2. Were Progs held to the same standards that they, once they’ve come into power, demand of everyone else, this would never be tolerated.

    We don’t own the media I keep hearing. What’s keeping us from seizing it with our blogs? Inertia and a sense of inferiority I suspect.

    Hey Progs. Where do you get off telling your men to dress up as women in high heels? This is a mockery of women’s fashions. It’s the equivalent of black face minstrel shows and demonstrates a total lack of sensitivity to women everywhere.

    Whoever was responsible for this order needs to be brought before a courts marshal, stripped of rank and discharged.


  3. All it would take is a few good men to let the line of succession do its work – surely the heroes would be rewarded and pardoned if necessary by the next president.


    • Heroes indeed. But if things go along as they’ve been doing, even a GOP Prez is apt to be a GOPe if Cameron and Key and even Abbott (other than on alien invasions) have trended.

      Meaning their heroics would make them sacrificial lambs in a lost cause.

      Unless you think something will have changed about US “elections” by then. Then I sure hope they do, and you are, and it does.


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