More strangeness from Michelle Obama- can’t remember how long she’s been married.

Michelle Obama First Lady Michelle Obama visited a grade school a few days ago to address the children with one of her usual patronising big govt knows best speeches. She began by siting down and addressing her fidgety audience, telling the kids to obey their parents, imploring them to read a lot, and finally, reminding them to eat their vegetables.

Mrs. Obama then took questions from the children. One asked what famous people she has met since becoming the first lady. She responded, “The Queen of England, the Pope, George Clooney.”

Another asked if she ever wanted to be first lady when she was a kid. She responded, “I didn’t know I could be a first lady.” She explained that people “like her” and Barack didn’t think they ever could. But, she said, “Here I am. It’s a pretty good job.”

A child eventually asked “How long have you and Barack been married?” Here’s her answer verbatim:

Uh, 20-something years. Wait, somebody (looks to her aides) you guys know the date. When was it? It’s been over a decade. It’s been a while.

Barack and Michelle were married October 3, 1992 — 23 years ago to be exact.

2 thoughts on “More strangeness from Michelle Obama- can’t remember how long she’s been married.

  1. Yep, she and Barack are leaders of the new intellectuals. Truly they are. And they got to be the first family through personal endeavour and enormous talent.


  2. No Big Deal.

    I get into trouble with the wife every year for forgetting our wedding anniversary.

    If I had murdered someone, I would have been out on parasol over a decade ago.


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