Gallipoli- Tony Abbott sings NZ anthem while John Key stays silent

John-Key Tony-Abbott It sticks in my craw to see the whiney voiced John Key front stage at ANZAC day in Gallipoli, when the way he chose to recognise the 100 year anniversary of that terrible event was to begin a personal campaign to change the NZ flag. Especially when the true patrons of ANZAC, the Returned Services League, has publicly opposed the flag change.

Key’s address was noticeably weak when compared to those of Tony Abbot or Prince Charles. He does not have the gravitas for such an occasion, and neither do I think he has the personal conviction. He’s a first generation NZer. None of his forbears died at Gallipoli.

And of course he’s a self confessed Progressive anyway, which means none of the traditions we Conservatives value have any meaning to him. Its why he wants to change the flag. Its why he refused to act on the anti-smacking referendum. Its why he led the charge with the Labour party to redefine traditional marriage.

And its also probably why he didn’t sing the National anthem on this occasion. When everyone else was singing it, including Australian PM Tony Abbott who sang both the Australian and the NZ anthem. Key stood stony faced and silent.

Key has always been a lightweight, and he looked every bit of one at the ANZAC ceremony, completely lacking the gravitas the occasion demanded and far out of his depth. That jokey blokey stuff can only go so far really, and then it begins to wear a bit thin.

Key looked threadbare at Gallipoli. I think he’s going to look even worse when he arrives back.

9 thoughts on “Gallipoli- Tony Abbott sings NZ anthem while John Key stays silent

  1. So right.He seems to have no connection with our land, our history, those things that are part of us who care , whose heart is in New Zealand.I hoped he might learn the difference between a logo and a historical symbol while he was away but guess I am dreaming.


  2. Come on Red you could be a little bit charitable here, he probably did no know the words.

    I certainly do not know and never will know the Maori version.Nor do I and I never will know the sign version.


  3. A 7 letter word that starts with “B”., & a clammy limp handshake. He is always going to stand apart from the normal red-blooded naturally affectioned crowd. Anytime. A sickly white liberal. Thats Key.

    We cannot allow him to consign our flag to the dustbin.

    I have always maintained that key is a Trojan Horse.


    • Certainly a bit effeminate and creepy.

      Have never shaken his hand but I imagine it would be a bit limp wristed..

      I would not feel comfortable with him around my daughters.


  4. He will, like many today, be unable to say the word “God” because that puts someone above them. Clark was the same I gather.


    • You’ve hit the nail on the head.Both Key and Little and many members of parliament are atheists, so the word “God” in the national anthem is repulsive to them. Atheism is the religion of the communism.


  5. God of Nations at Thy feet,
    In the bonds of love we meet,
    Hear our voices, we entreat,
    God defend our free land.
    Guard Pacific’s triple star
    From the shafts of strife and war,
    Make her praises heard afar,
    God defend New Zealand.

    Men of every creed and race,
    Gather here before Thy face,
    Asking Thee to bless this place,
    God defend our free land.
    From dissension, envy, hate,
    And corruption guard our state,
    Make our country good and great,
    God defend New Zealand.

    Peace, not war, shall be our boast,
    But, should foes assail our coast,
    Make us then a mighty host,
    God defend our free land.
    Lord of battles in Thy might,
    Put our enemies to flight,
    Let our cause be just and right,
    God defend New Zealand.

    Let our love for Thee increase,
    May Thy blessings never cease,
    Give us plenty, give us peace,
    God defend our free land.
    From dishonour and from shame,
    Guard our country’s spotless name,
    Crown her with immortal fame,
    God defend New Zealand.

    May our mountains ever be
    Freedom’s ramparts on the sea,
    Make us faithful unto Thee,
    God defend our free land.
    Guide her in the nations’ van,
    Preaching love and truth to man,
    Working out Thy glorious plan,
    God defend New Zealand.

    E Ihowā Atua,
    O ngā iwi mātou rā
    Āta whakarangona;
    Me aroha noaKia hua ko te pai;
    Kia tau tō atawhai;
    Manaakitia mai

    Ōna mano tāngata
    Kiri whero, kiri mā,
    Iwi Māori, Pākehā,
    Rūpeke katoa,
    Nei ka tono ko ngā hē
    Māu e whakaahu kē,
    Kia ora mārire

    Tōna mana kia tū!
    Tōna kaha kia ū;
    Tōna rongo hei pakū
    Ki te ao katoa
    Aua rawa ngā whawhai
    Ngā tutū e tata mai;
    Kia tupu nui ai

    Waiho tona takiwā
    Ko te ao mārama;
    Kia whiti tōna rā
    Taiāwhio noa.
    Ko te hae me te ngangau
    Meinga kia kore kau;
    Waiho i te rongo mau

    Tōna pai me toitū
    Tika rawa, pono pū;
    Tōna noho, tāna tū;
    Iwi nō Ihowā.
    Kaua mōna whakamā;
    Kia hau te ingoa;
    Kia tū hei tauira;

    Gets me every time


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