SBS host uses ANZAC day to attack Western armed forces

SBS presenter Scott McIntyre

SBS presenter Scott McIntyre

I’d guess most readers would be familiar with the Australian SBS television network. Like the ABC its a public broadcaster that has been captured by the communists and unremittingly pumps subversive programming into Australian society, under the guise of being a “multi-cultural” broadcaster, as if that’s not enough to shut it down anyway.

Scott McIntyre is a presenter at SBS who reports on soccer, or as many call it, football. Yesterday, ANZAC day, he posted a series of comments to the Twitter network you can see in the screen grab below.

Most of us know that one has to be of a certain political persuasion before you’d ever get a job at SBS or the ABC, and Scott McIntyre seems to fit the stereotype as well as most.

His claims regarding the history of our conflicts are underpinned by the same old same old anti-Western communist revisionist claptrap that every student immersed in left wing university politics has taken on board at the expense of any real education.

And as usual with such hypocrites, and without a skerrick of conscience, he earns a living fully subsidised by the capitalist system he despises, at the same time as he issues his despicable insults to our fathers and grandfathers and other kin.

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There is a hashtag on twitter #sackScottMcIntyre started by Australian taxpayers who resent their tax being used to employ someone they regard as a despicable cowardly POS.

Even Malcolm Turnbull has expressed his disgust at the tweets.

Difficult to think of more offensive or inappropriate comments than those by @mcintinhos. Despicable remarks which deserve to be condemned.

Managing Director at SBS Michael Ebeid later issued the following tweet-

Comments from @mcintinhos are his own, disrespectful and not at all the views of @SBS. We remember and commemorate our ANZACs.

I share their sympathies, but more, I want SBS and ABC done away with completely and the sooner the better. Like most public broadcasting, they’re just nests of left wing vipers doing their best to subvert our democracy with communist propaganda. We don’t need it, and we don’t need to rob taxpayers to provide a living to subversive scum like Scott McIntyre.

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  1. Now he’s been rightfully booted out I suppose he’ll head off to the Employment Court whining that his treatment was “unfair and humiliating!” Pricks generally conduct themselves thus.


    • Not half as “unfair and humiliating” as my treatment of the asshole would be if I could get my hands on him.


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