Nigel Farage shows David Cameron up as despicable charlatan

I couldn’t believe I was reading it. David Cameron claims the Conservatives are the only party that will stop “uncontrolled immigration”. My disbelief was based on two premises. One, that the Tories have been in power now for so long and have done nothing to deal with the problem, and two, they’ve never admitted it was a problem anyway.

Now we have this slimy rat Cameron doing a complete about face in a deceitful and cowardly attempt to take votes back from Nigel Farage and UKIP. The UK Daily Express reports

The Prime Minister pledged that, if re-elected next month, he will “see through a serious, sustained attempt to control immigration long-term”. The party manifesto, published last week, features “very clear and hard-headed proposals” on immigration, according to Cameron.

A Conservative government will also “make it much tougher for illegal immigrants to remain in the UK”. And a new citizen test “with British values at its heart” will be introduced he stated.

Then, he said, an in-out referendum on EU membership will he held in 2017, despite ruling out a vote three years ago.”I will get Britain a better deal in Europe and I will give the British people the final say in an in-out referendum,” he said.

Mr Cameron also claims he will “start negotiating a new deal with Europe straight away” if he returns to Downing Street. He wrote in the Mail: “It will involve: no UK benefits at all for EU jobseekers. “If you you haven’t got a job within six months, you’ll be required to leave. “And no child benefit for children of EU migrants living abroad – ever.”

What a disgusting turnabout. I hope UK voters turf this unprincipled POs out into the street. It amazes me that our western democracies have promoted such worthless cowards to positions of leadership, for we know its not just the UK that suffers from this problem.

All it needed was one man with some guts and determination to show this jackal Cameron up for what he really is, and I so wish we had a Nigel Farage in New Zealand.

The UK elections are an utter basket case. Farage has to have an impact, but the final result is unpredictable and it appears that whatever happens, disaster is unavoidable. As long as the traitor to Conservatism Cameron is dispatched from politics, as he could be if the Tory vote is low, I guess that will be one win.

5 thoughts on “Nigel Farage shows David Cameron up as despicable charlatan

  1. In the comments on that article people are raging :0

    UKIP are going to get a good amount of support, the polls don’t tell half the story!


  2. John Key and his useless Nats should look at Cameron’s predicament now because its where they will be if anyone like Farage ever gets up here in NZ.


  3. The old “jam tomorrow” approach because talk is cheap.

    Like Key over here, I would respond by saying that if you really believed this, you’ve had 5 years to do something about it so why the about face?


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