Suspicion growing over Free Trade Agreements

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and its cousin the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, (TTIP) are being negotiated “in secret”.

Now in this day and age, if you’re half compos mentis, that should worry you. You know how politics has descended into the pit of deceit and cunning over the last 20 years. You’re going to trust all of these slimy cronyist politicians and their shiny arsed bureaucrat partners in crime to do the right thing by you?

I’m reading more and more leaked detail on these agreements and if its half true its more than worrisome. Dick Morris said last week that the TPP agreement Obama is rushing through has hidden in the fine print an agreement on unrestricted immigration between the signatory countries.

The New American has a long article where it claims the agreements would purport to limit the ability of voters and their elected representatives to enact laws interfering with the agenda of Big Business and Big Government, allowing unelected and unaccountable transnational bureaucrats to develop “harmonized” regulatory regimes for the bloc purporting to supersede federal and state laws. The New American says-

A series of explosive leaks surrounding both the TTP and the TTIP have confirmed critics’ worst fears about the real agenda. From setting up international kangaroo courts with purported powers to override national sovereignty for the benefit of crony corporations to laying the groundwork for further economic and political “integration,” the information that has emerged so far is sparking public outrage in all of the nations being targeted by the schemes.

Despite being written in deliberately opaque language, the text of the latest TTIP chapter to be leaked reveals a transparent agenda to empower supranational bureaucracies and Big Business at the expense of self-government and national sovereignty.

While the public may be shut out of the process, supranational entities, crony capitalists, Big Business, special interests, and their legions of lobbyists will be in the co-pilot seat of the emerging regulatory regime.

John Key is taking New Zealand headlong into this agreement. Do any of the readers of this blog trust Key and the Nationals to hesitate for one second in signing away NZ’s sovereignty to some murky international combine of govt and big business?

The secrecy should be dropped. we elect these bastards, and they work for us, and we may even trust them on occasions, but we do not trust them blindly. We need verification.

My view is either we are told what we are being signed up to or we withdraw from the scheme.

4 thoughts on “Suspicion growing over Free Trade Agreements

  1. “My view is either we are told what we are being signed up to or we withdraw from the scheme.”
    Damn right.
    And the media in NZ is all but silent on the subject. But then they would be, wouldn’t they, since it suits their foul prog agenda.


  2. This is probably the one and only issue that would bring the left and right together. Because this isn’t about left vs right, but rather the people vs government and corporate tyranny.


    • So it’s not really about trade.Issues such as immigration and goodness knows what else are additions to these agreements that make it necessary for better scrutiny. No I don’t trust those involved in negotiating these so called trade agreements.


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