British granny drug trafficker fears same fate as Chan and Sukumaran

A 60 yr old British grandmother on death row in Indonesia for smuggling drugs has condemned the “senseless, brutal” execution of two Australians, and reportedly fears she could be next in line for the firing squad.

Briton Lindsay Sandiford, who was in the same jail as the Australians on the resort island of Bali after being sentenced to death in 2013.

The BBC quoted her lawyer as saying that Sandiford fears she could be next in line to be executed, as Indonesian President Joko Widodo mounts a campaign against what he says is a national emergency caused by rising drugs use.

Sandiford was caught trying to smuggle a huge stash (4.8 kg) of cocaine into Bali. She claims she was coerced into trafficking, and her family recently launched a fundraising drive to raise the money needed to lodge an appeal at the Indonesian Supreme Court, after the British government refused to fund her legal fight.

Her New Zealand lawyer Craig Tuck, who is leading an international pro bono legal team representing Sandiford, says the money is needed to retain Indonesian lawyers who can fight her case.

Sandford has admitted her guilt. I have no sympathy for anyone who gambles their lives for big money when they’re quite aware of the risks they’re taking. Indonesia should have the right to run its justice system as it wants, and if they despise drug traffickers enough to want them dead, then so be it.

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3 thoughts on “British granny drug trafficker fears same fate as Chan and Sukumaran

  1. Just got back from Australia it was all over the news. Non stop and I mean non stop.

    What they forgot to mention was that the Australians were 2 of 8 people shot, that day.

    One expert giving his opinion claimed that they were hanged, the presenter just sat their and lapped it up. They were shot.I was screaming they were shot, as he gave a plug for the book he had just published on the subject.

    Everyone blamed the Government for not doing enough, despite Indonesia being a separate sovereign Nation.

    All the comment from the street was for the criminals, some how they could not find one person that thought it was Indonesia’s right to run their Country as they saw fit, the vast Majority of people in Indonesia have no problem with the Death penalty.

    Not one mention of the harm to Australian society from drugs and related crime and victims families etc.

    Do the Crime do the Time.

    What was cruel was they made them wait 10 years before they shot them.


    • You are correct. The signs at the airports would mean nothing if the sentences were not carried out.
      When are people going to learn that these country’s are deadly serious ?


      • There was also no mention of other Countries like the US, China, Saudi Arabia etc who also have the death penalty.

        It was cruel, 10 years of hope, they should have just taken them out back and put a bullet in the back of the head.


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