Snivelling flag change faction so desperate they’re trying to get kids to vote

Michael Gibson says children as young as five should also be allowed to vote.

Michael Gibson says children as young as five should also be allowed to vote.

The first hearing was held today on NZ’s flag change and as expected, the sentiment was firmly against with only one submission for and seven firmly against.

The one pro speaker advanced the odious proposition that children should be permitted to vote in the referendum, so desperate are these oily bastards to get their way.

One anti-change submitter made the clear and sensible point that “The first question should have been ‘do we want to change?’ Because then we could have just said ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

The Govt’s reaction was “how can the public decide if it wants change, when it doesn’t know what the change will look like.”

Because we don’t give a damn what any proposed new flag may look like you slimy prog arseholes, we don’t want it changed period.

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  1. And in spite of the clear “no” they will just go on and waste millions on something that is, in a democracy at least, pointless.


  2. I read about the proposal to include children in the referendum last night and was absolutely disgusted. Only the truly loathsome would see children dragged into politics and used as a weapon for the cause. Marxist scum like Michael Gibson really would like to set children against their elders if they could.


  3. I see a person who looked like Todd Barclay sitting on the committee too, being the youngest guy in politics, and one John Key can easily manipulate.

    These flag change people are such deceitful cowards and its clear they’re going to manipulate the process in every way to try and get the outcome they want.

    I’m angry about the change but its making me more angry to see the way these duplicitous bastards are going about it.


  4. Geez, I thought Democrats were nuts to suggest 16 year olds should vote. .Michael Gibson is nutter than the Democrats to suggest 5 year olds should vote. Do you think the funny farm could hold all these nuts? Or these liberal minded fools so desperate for a vote because they know the adults are tire of their craziness?


  5. Whats the chance of these Turkeys, with their snouts in the public trough, voting for an early Christmas.


  6. ***Source***

    “A panel of high-profile New Zealanders charged with selecting a shortlist of new flag designs will each pocket $640 a day.

    The 12-person panel includes reality television guru Julie Christie, businessman Rod Drury, and Nicky Bell, chief executive of ad agency Saatchi and Saatchi.

    Panel members will receive $640 per day worked. Chair John Burrows, the former deputy chancellor of the University of Canterbury, will receive $850 per day worked.”


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