Taxpayer’s Union- lower speed tolerance provides govt with 4500% revenue increase

Woodhouse & Key The National govt are raking in the money after dropping the speed level tolerance to 4 km/h over the December January period. The gallant gentlemen at the Taxpayers Union have calculated the lowered tolerance has generated a 4500 per cent increase in fines.

Minister of Police Michael Woodhouse will be getting a gold star from John Key for helping the govt’s books look better. The Taxpayer’s Union says-

“Given this extraordinary increase, motorists will be expecting the Police to demonstrate that road safety has been materially improved. A marginal benefit in terms of safety, risks accusations that this is as much about revenue gathering as law enforcement.”

“At a time when sexual assaults are increasing and crimes against property remain stubbornly high, the obligation is on the Police to show that this is the best use of their time.”

“Targeting drivers doing 6km/h over the speed limit certainly has an impact on the Government’s coffers, but the cause and effect must be shown in terms of actually saving lives.”

Well said guys, spot on and you’re doing a good job of holding these greedy grasping bastards to account.

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One thought on “Taxpayer’s Union- lower speed tolerance provides govt with 4500% revenue increase

  1. Like I have always said it is all about the Money.

    Road safety is just the official propaganda line.

    To say that at 100 km/hr people survive and at 101 km/hr people die is just utter rubbish.

    Road safety is about the quality of the roads, condition of the roads, road conditions and most importantly everybody travelling at the same speed in the same direction and paying attention.

    There are statistics out there , if you look, that say that all other things being equal, roads that have unrealistically low speed limits and are over zealously policed, have more road accidents than roads with higher limits and less enforcement.

    Meanwhile we drive around like zombies on auto pilot, unaware of whats happening around us, in the mistaken belief that we are safe because we are not driving fast.

    It is all about the money.


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