Christchurch- Fat cats in local govt show its all about them

Lianne_Dalziel,_February_2015 Does this news item from Radio NZ stink to high heaven of hypocrisy or what?

Christchurch mayor, disgraced ex Labour party MP Lianne Dalziel, has described a decision to increase her pay and that of her fellow councillors as “a not ideal process”. The Remuneration Authority, which sets wages for MPs and councillors,has increased pay for the city’s representatives by four percent and the mayor’s salary by just under three-percent.

Councillors have to accept the pay rise but many said it was inappropriate given it was asking ratepayers for a 28 percent rates rise over the next three years. Today Ms Dalziel said the increase was badly timed.

“It’s not an ideal process, I’ve not considered it. Indiviual councillors that I know have said what they intend to do with their increase.” She said some councillors would donate their increases to charity.

Here’s your average working stiff being looted left right and center by big govt all over this land, and the poor bastards in Christchurch trying to recover from the worst earthquake ever, and this pack of useless shiny arsed bureaucratic pricks at the Renumeration Authority, who know if they don’t give other desk pilots rises they can’t get any themselves, put their hands into Christchurch’s pockets again to thicken the already far too fat wallets of incompetent discredited parasites like Dalzeil and her mob.

Oh yeah, its not an ideal process says Dalzeil. Well refuse to take part in it then you disgusting hypocrite. You can make a simple adjustment to a computer payroll with a few key strokes. Cancel it.

Jeez these prog pricks take us for fools.

Any reader hears of any of them donating anything to charity let me know, I’d say that would have every chance of being the same kind of weak deceptive bullshit.

Why why why does the public keep voting for such obvious charlatans? Dalzeil and her mates think we’re stupid and we must be if we keep electing cretins like her.

4 thoughts on “Christchurch- Fat cats in local govt show its all about them

  1. Oh for goodness sake who cares? Councillors, MPs & Ministers may be useless but they aren’t really paid much at all. The problem is not the spend on their salaries, their advisors or even the boutique ministries — but the massive spends on welfare, “health”, “education” (or in Christchurch) pointless “rebuilding” and “insurance” etc.

    I’d quite happy pay the PM or Mayor a million a year if they would just cut out welfare and keep it cut out!


    • I care. Not so much about the amount but because of the arrogance and insulting patronising attitude that this reveals. Leaving aside the dishonesty. Let me know when the donations to charity start.


  2. And all the fuss she made over Bob Parker giving Tony Marriet a payrise, this reeks of hypocrisy.


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