“Maori” BS- why NZ can’t get a real GDP or a real economy

maori_gang-299x300Radio NZ reports-

The Maori trustees of Northland’s Poroti Springs are warning they can’t guarantee the safety or security of a water-bottling plant to be built there.

Auckland company Zodiac Holdings has the right to take water from aquifers above the springs for 35 years and is looking for investors to build a factory. But the trustees’ chair, Taipari Munro, said local hapu were angry their opposition to the proposal had been ignored, and there have been growing calls for protest and occupation.

“It’s not just the young people, you know, who are wanting to see some action taken,” he said. “They’re not only the people from Poriti; they’re also people who are geneologically connected from other tribes.

“I do feel as the rangatira of those hapu that I can only do so much but I do understand my people’s frustrations.” He said local hapu were prepared to take direct action as they had no faith in assurances a water-bottling plant would not reduce the flow to the springs or pollute them.

Let’s get one thing straight- its not primarily that they’re Maori that these charlatans are doing what they’re doing. They’re doing it because they’re greedy self interested bastards with too much power granted by to them by weak self serving politicians without the guts of a one cell amoeba.

Here in Zodiac holdings, we have a group of people with some money to invest, to try to make a buck, and wow, they’re not putting it into Auckland’s residential housing, John Key’s loony tune Ponzi scheme, they’re actually risking their money doing something real, something that will bring jobs, something that will give some real input to NZ’s artificially inflated GDP.

So what happens? They get threatened with violence and destruction by lawless thugs who think they have a right to other people’s property and money. Because this idiot govt entertains the idea that there’s not only private property rights, there is a competing right of “traditional ownership”, and this dopey artificial concept apparently gives thug mafia crooks the outright gall to threaten business people if they don’t shell out some protection money.

That’s all it is. A damn mafia protection racket and these thugs get right out there in people’s faces and threaten them with violence and vandalism and the govt does nothing.

How lucky these thugs are they didn’t include some reference to poofters or dykes in their threats, because then John Key and Dame Devacuous would have been down on them like a tonne of bricks.

But threaten mafia style violence against a law abiding group of investors, that’s OK, thug mafia, you go right to it. And as for Zodiac, that’s what you get guys, for trying to actually do something in NZ. Next time, put your money in Auckland bricks and mortar.

One thought on ““Maori” BS- why NZ can’t get a real GDP or a real economy

  1. Wait for the Police response.


    Still waiting.

    Same as the grave robbers, they could get a Court order and the Police would still refuse to act.

    What they need to do is extract the water and ship it, by tanker, out of the region for bottling.


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