Australian Catholic University establishes scholarships in honour of executed drug traffickers

width170_logo-1399339989 The Australian Catholic University has announced scholarships in honour of executed drug traffickers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Greg Craven, released a statement explaining the reasoning for the university’s decision.

“We did this because ACU is committed to the dignity of the human person, and that applies equally to all human beings: victims as well as to those who have been convicted of crimes,” the statement said.

“As a Catholic university committed to promoting a culture of life, we stand opposed to the death penalty.”

Indonesian students wanting to study in Australia would be eligible, and would have to submit an essay on the sanctity of human life as part of their application.

“In a small but deeply symbolic way, the writing by Indonesian students on the sanctity of life would be an ongoing contribution toward the eventual abolition of the death penalty in Indonesia,” Professor Craven wrote.

I’ve been completely underwhelmed by the undying efforts of liberals to save these two traffickers from the fate they richly deserve. Australians have no right whatsoever to interfere in Indonesia’s justice system and the fact that they did so with such rudeness and persistence I am sure only hardened Indonesian resolve to execute Chan and Sukumaran.

There are signs everywhere in Indonesia making it clear any person convicted of drug trafficking will be hung. Chan and Sukumaran were adults who gambled their lives for money and they lost.

Along the way they ruined the lives of 18 young people who they recruited as drug mules and they now fester in Indonesian jails. Not to mention the grief of an unknown number of families who have suffered the loss of sons and daughters fatally drawn into drug use by those who like Chan and Sukumaran glorify it and paint it as the ultimate cool.

A couple of years ago a national poll asked the question “should Australians convicted of drug trafficking in overseas countries have to suffer the judgment of those countries courts even if it results in the death penalty”? 52% of those polled said Yes.

In Indonesia itself their is 85% support for the death penalty for drug traffickers. It would be a brave Prime Minister indeed who allowed foreigners to escape death but approved the execution of Indonesians.

I find it unbelievable that when all these things are considered some damn fool somewhere thought it was a good idea to set up scholarships named after Chan and Sukumaran. The Australian Catholic University has disgraced itself and Catholics everywhere by its thoughtless infantile actions.

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  1. You are dead right Red. The Catholic Church – particularly it’s academic institutions – have been infiltrated by the poison of liberalism in the form of secular humanism, and dissent from the foundational teaching of the Church, in the same way that it has infested society at large and distorted it, and many people have been misled. As a solid orthodox Catholic I am very annoyed at this and feel betrayed by those who should be teaching the truth, not their own liberal ideas.


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