Judith Collins- proud supporter of Marxists Helen Clark and Hillary Clinton

Transcript- Heather Du Plessis-Allen interviews Judith Collins on Q & A

HEATHER Just to go back to one of your columns — I noticed recently that you supported Helen Clark in her bid for the head of the UN.

JUDITH Yeah, that’s a great idea. Don’t you?

HEATHER Well, I can’t argue with that myself, but you said the reason that you backed her is because she’s a woman…

JUDITH Well, also because I thought she was the best woman for the job.

HEATHER …and a good candidate, but you also went on to say we are seeing a new wave of women leaders emerging around the world.

JUDITH Absolutely.

HEATHER Do you hope to be one of them?

JUDITH Oh, no. I’m very happy to back others. I’m very happy to back people like Hillary Clinton, who I’ve met, had dinner with, lovely discussion with – someone’s who’s vilified because of some of the actions of her husband, for goodness sake, and actually, she’s someone who I back, and I back Helen Clark on that role, and I think if we look overseas, as New Zealanders, we should always back our people, our Kiwis, and that’s what I wanted to do.

Some people are touting Judith Collins as a replacement for the present PM on the grounds that she if further to the right than the hopeless Progressive Key.

I think the above transcript says otherwise. She’s just another hopelessly confused prog herself with no idea of what is really going on in the world.

National will have to look a lot deeper in to its ranks before it comes up with any new leader. In fact I don’t think there is one, and like David Cameron has destroyed the UK Conservatives so has John Key destroyed National. Whoever is National’s leader, there’s only political disaster on the horizon at the next election and Judith Collins is least likely to change that.

2 thoughts on “Judith Collins- proud supporter of Marxists Helen Clark and Hillary Clinton

  1. I listen to the leftie feminists saying she has learnt her lesson and cringe. At the top level you don’t have the luxury of learning lessons about ethics and business practicalities – you need to be sensible all the time and not let the ego escape. Some don’t seem to care if their beloved leaders are idiots but that doesn’t mean its irrelevant.


  2. At the “top level” you don’t have the luxury IIf slagging off Klark or Hillary. This whole interview is spin- as it should be, until Collins is PM.

    Much more damaging than this is that he didn’t cut any benefits whatsoever when she was minister of cutting benefits…


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