Brilliant critique of UK Conservatives also fits NZ National Party perfectly

James Delingpole

James Delingpole

James Delingpole is a new breed of writer. By that I mean he’s not an old fashioned progressive droning on with LW liberal garbage no one wants to read and sending his employer broke. Delingpole gets to the truth and the nitty gritty, and here’s an excellent example.

James has written a critique of how damn useless the UK Conservative party is under the coward compromiser and appeaser David Cameron who is a kind of John Key doppleganger. Or is it the other way around? Never mind, let’s get to the point.

The astonishing thing about this critique is you could take every incidence of the word Conservative and replace it with National and, with a few alterations for the sake of geography, it would fit almost perfectly.

As “Conservatives”, the Cameroons have failed on any number of levels.

Under the banner “Vote Blue, Go Green”, they have slavishly endorsed the European Union green agenda, committing Britain to hopelessly unrealistic, economically-damaging “carbon”-reduction targets, driving up energy prices and funding with money the taxpayer simply cannot afford white elephant projects like offshore wind at three times the cost of conventional energy production.

As National has done, and they even have Nicks Smiths’ collection of Blue Greens, or in other words blinkered Marxists. Smith runs around the country dolling out money to “environmental winners” like it grows on trees. They should piss off and join the watermelons.

They have pared our defences to the bone at a time when, thanks to the rise of ISIS and the sabre-rattling of President Putin, the world has rarely looked more unstable since the end of the Cold War.

To be fair Clark did much of that but the Nats have done nothing to fix it, and don’t even want to. But here’s the clincher-

They have presided over a continued period of mass immigration, pretending to share the concerns of the electorate who are deeply bothered by it, but doing nothing to control it – recognising, as they cynically do, that enlarging the economy (though not, it must be stressed, GDP per capita) is their best, fragile hope of offsetting Britain’s massive national debt.

Ain’t that so perfect readers? (except I’m not even sure the arrogant Nats have even pretended to care) And it gets better-

They haven’t even been good at the one thing they’re supposed to have been good at: the economy. Sure it has grown – but then, so do fingernails on a corpse. The real point is that none of the underlying problems of the 2008 crash have been addressed because the Conservatives haven’t had the moral courage, the ideological rigour, or indeed the inclination to admit what the real problem is:

free markets have been killed by an unholy alliance of crony capitalism, a too-big-to-fail financial sector, and a lawyer-parasite tyranny of compliance. Quantitative easing, far from making money more available to the small businesses which really need it, has simply served to empower the bloated City and concentrate still more money in the hands of the asset-owning classes. This has created the disparity of wealth which has fuelled the hard-left rhetoric of everyone from the SNP and Ed Miliband to the Greens, Canon Giles Fraser, Russell Brand and the Occupy movement.

And who can blame the new Reds for seizing the opportunity when Cameron has created such an open goal for them? Cameron is incapable of defending capitalism because the bastard variation he has helped engender is indeed indefensible.

And the best is saved for last-

And I haven’t even got to the most annoying thing of all about the Conservatives yet. That toxic mix of complacency and arrogance with which they have conducted their entire election campaign.

“Vote for us because you’ve really nowhere else to go. It’s either us or Ed Miliband and the SNP. And you’re far too smart a fellow to want that, aren’t you, peon?”

The mix of complacency and arrogance that cost them Northland. Please go and read the full article as it applies to the UK, because there’s a bit more to it in that Delingpole really likes his local candidate, and wants to vote for him but at the same time wishes he did not have to support a party so loathsome as the Conservatives.

I reckon the next NZ election will be pretty much a similar boondoggle to what UK citizens are facing. I put the blame for this down to Progressive inflitration of the Conservatives and the corresponding blurring of their objectives.

The same thing has happened to the National Party in NZ. We so badly need a real Conservative revival, right across the West. Its time to get Progressives and their destructive ideology out of our lives. They’ve done far too much damage already.

(thanks to commenter Caleb for the tip)

5 thoughts on “Brilliant critique of UK Conservatives also fits NZ National Party perfectly

  1. Key is lazy.

    No Senate to contend with. No State governments to contend with. Doesn’t have to worry that his policies will cost a state ‘liberal’ party an election. No boat people or executions from neighbours to contend with. Yet Abbott has to contend with all of that.

    While Key won’t get out of bed each day till he does the polling – left side or right side?

    Johhny can’t sell.


  2. To quote Nigel Farage in todays express online – In a swipe at the Prime Minister, he added: “I’m not a Conservative but if I was a Conservative I would like to have a leader who was actually a Conservative and that perhaps has been part of their problem.”

    He pretty much nails it! This can be applied to John Key also, why would you have a fiscal and social liberal in charge of what should be a conservative aligned party.


    • That just shows how far left society has been guided.
      Most media would consider UKIP as a far right party, yet their policies are a mixture across the spectrum placing them in the center.
      Nigel confirms this and rightfully mocks the Conservatives.


  3. I posted something similar on GD debate to be met with the usual opprobrium because this doesn’t fit into the narrative of a “left vs. right” argument.

    Until things get really bad, as they have done in the UK, it will be hard to shake the National Party supporters out of their dogged ways. Once they are ready to listen to a true conservative candidate, you watch the media try to crucify them like they have done Farage in the UK or Craig in NZ. The counter revolution isn’t going to be pretty but it is a fight we must win.


    • Kiwiblog is just a rat’s nest these days with Penny Bright being the center of attention and the jack booted oaf and troll we both know so well dominating practically every thread. Hopeless.


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