WTF is NZ First’s mission?? Tracey Martin and the Fabian Society

Tracey Martin, Deputy Leader, NZ First.

Tracey Martin, Deputy Leader, NZ First.

Occasionally, people suggest to me I should support NZ First. I can’t do that because they’re too mixed in their messages. I really do not know what they want and I don’t know who they are because they always seem to come from so many different directions.

When NZ badly needs a solid Conservative alternative to the Nats, completely white anted by progressives, NZ First seems intent on blithley ignoring this stark and obvious need and blundering around in political confusion. Here’s an example, which is sourced from a post on the Standard.

The Fabian Society invites all those interested to join a discussion with Sir Michael Cullen, Peter Harris, Sarah Helm, Tracey Martin MP, Richard Harman and Lyndy McIntyre at St Andrew’s on the Terrace, Wellington, on Sunday 10th May at 1pm. Ideas on strategy, economy, party relations, communication and organising will all be canvassed.

Tracey Martin is an MP and Deputy leader of NZ First. And here she is turning up as guest speaker at a gathering of creeping communist cancer carriers. Quote “Sarah Helm/Tracey Martin MP – political co-operation for progressive government” Unquote.

So the Deputy leader of NZ First is a Fabian Socialist. No wonder they’re so politically directionless. (and here I was getting all supportive because she’s speaking out against Key’s flag change imbecility)

If there is an alternative to National it sure is not NZ First, unless maybe they get themselves a new Deputy Leader.

(With thanks to Warrior Sarah for the tip)

15 thoughts on “WTF is NZ First’s mission?? Tracey Martin and the Fabian Society

  1. Fabian socialism is marxism taking its time, Communism is marxism in a hurry. Dale Tooley was correct in this view in my view


    • Its just so typical of NZ’s shambolic collection of political parties. The Conservative ideal has been completely submerged in a hodge podge of incoherent horse shit.


    • I don’t think they know what they want.A strange mix of people that I have never been able to figure out.


  2. The party leader makes all important policy decisions as is the case with most parties and that is certainly the case with National.

    At this stage I will be voting again for NZF. What other choice is there? All the parties in Parliament are liberal.


  3. Forget National.

    Tea party NZF. Winston will do and say anything for votes – he just needs to see the numbers heading his way in the polls.

    Key will come crawling back when he sees the threat – and that will embolden Winston to be even more conservative – a ‘true leader of national – leading National to where they should be.’ – he WOULD even say that!

    Everyone just talking about changing support to Winston on KB is enough to sound the alarm in National.

    Winston isn’t Colin Craig.


  4. And Winnie might jump into bed with Labour.

    ACT or cons are the only choice if you’re sticking with “democracy”


  5. If you want to legally shag your sister or even your mother vote ACT. I heard the former leader
    advocating legalising polygamy.

    I will be surprised if the CCCP is in the race in 2017.



    • Chuck I respect your opinion on many things, however, you let yourself down if you fall into the left wing progressive speak and start calling the Conservative party the CCCP.


  6. Chuck, you’re starting to sound about Winston the way the sycophants at NoMinister fellate John Key. Fact is, Winston is no more or less trustworthy than any of the other 121 mendacious scumbags who infest our Parliament. The fact his deputy is a Fabian Socialist is but one more reason to not vote Winston First.

    Winston is now 70 years old. How much longer does he have? And, when he goes, who takes over? Normally, the deputy.


  7. GG, I could make the same crude comparison about you and Colin Craig. I have known Winston for well over 40 years. I certainly do not worship Winston like many of Colin Craig’s supporter worship him. No one is perfect and will not at the very bend the truth when they get out and that applies to both Colin and Winston. However, I personal would find Winston more trustworthy than Colin.

    Colin decided to target Winston’s voting block by block by copying most of NZ First’s manifesto and making a few changes. If he had done just a little research he would have found that many of Winston’s conservative voter base are over 60 and many are over 70 the figure you mentioned.

    Many of us find such comments very offensive. He should have known that he would not gain support from those who were likely to vote for Winston by publicly calling him a liar.

    He had his best chance of making it in 2014. He had some good candidate’s like Garth McVicor, the highest polling candidate bar none who will not likely stand in 2014.

    You can make a protest vote is you like if Colin decides to throw another million at a lost cause but I prefer to make my vote count.


    • Actually, no you couldn’t (make the same crude comparison about [me] and Colin Craig). Nobody has been more critical than I of Colin Craig, the lack of vision, the lack of any consistent policy positions, the constant foot-in-mouth disease. I’ve given the Conservative (in name only) Party my protest vote the past two elections; I’ll not be doing so a third time.

      My position is: a pox on the lot of them. They’re all big-government statist assholes, and Winston is NO DIFFERENT. If he was, he wouldn’t have a member of the Fabian Society as his deputy.


    • What’s the point? Like I said, every single one of the 122 mendacious scum are big-government statist assholes who only exist to pick my pocket. Voting for one team over another gives my imprimatur and lends legitimacy to the entire scam.


  8. i can understand that point of view. However, sometimes it is a matter of voting for the lesser of many evils.

    I am not too worried about Tracy Martin. She could not lead NZF. Ron Mark could and Shane Jones could if he wanted to.

    I voted for Winston because I took the Family First pledge not to vote for a party whose leaded supported redefining marriage. I was left with a choice of Winston or Colin so for reason I have stated I voted for Winston.


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