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  1. Laudafinem do a doxxing of Ben Rachinger, currently blowing the whistle on alleged payments from Whaleoil to hack the Standard. Why would someone claiming to be an objective observer attack Ben Rachinger? What is the motive? To close him down? Why would they want to do that?


  2. The NZ middle class is being pincered on both sides when it comes to John Key’s immigration and foreign asset sales ponzi.

    At the top end, we make life difficult for our manufacturers, sell off our investments, borrow to give away overseas, allow foreigners to buy up our capital assets, (not even mentioning housing stock) meaning our ability to generate real wealth (as opposed to asset inflation) is diminished. At the bottom end, we fill this country with “family reunion” members who cannot speak English, and employ so many foreigners in jobs WE used to do, the wail of “we cannot do without migrants” is now heard on every corner.

    The pity is that the electorate has been so dumbed down and there are so few commentators calling out the truth which is why I promote the likes of Amy Brooke and her excellent project wherever I can. Here is her latest:


    • Thanks EAD, good link. I’ve been reading Amy Brook since she first started writing on the internet. I think she was railing against Marxist infiltration of the education system twenty years ago. She is a warrior.

      I have been researching how many countries have limits on foreigners buying land and most do. Will do some posts on it later.


  3. Here’s a good one for the feminazis-

    Texas Teacher Heather Packwood Had Lesbian Sex With Teen Girl, Police Say


  4. Or check out my comment on this whining left wing nitwit’s page where he is boasting about making a Broadcasting complaint about limp Mike Hosking.

    What a wanker.


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