Hey Chester- A lot more “dickheads” on the way

Michael Woodhouse and John Key

Michael Woodhouse and John Key

Earlier today I ran a post about Chester Borrows calling Health and Safety inspectors

Well, National were responsible for the regulatory onslaught on farmers and thanks to their insufferable diligence, there is more of it on the way. They’re putting an extra $32 million towards the issue in this year’s budget.

Its Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Woodhouse behind most of this rubbish. He says-

“Budget 2015 will increase the number of Labour Inspectors and strengthen education and information services to help manage and address breaches of employment law. This funding complements and provides the extra resources needed to support the package of measures I recently announced to clarify and strengthen enforcement of minimum employment standards, including tougher sanctions”.

Read that farmers? More regulations, more enforcement, more inspectors, and even harsher penalties. You’ll probably get jailed for such grievous offences as leaving your crash hat on the wall rather than on the bike seat.

According to Herr Woodhouse, there are six more Labour inspectors underway for Auckland, and they will “enable more investigations and enforcement actions in the region”. Another portion of the $32 million will be wasted on what Woodhouse calls “Information and education services and campaigns”.

In other words otherwise unemployable layabouts sitting behind govt desks telling you how to do your job.

The National Party are just the puppets of an overfed and under worked bureaucracy and they show absolute disregard for the voters who put them into power by working for that bureaucracy rather than the people.

Building up nests of shiney arsed tyrannical bureaucrats who harass us at the same time as they leech off our earnings.

The funny thing is many farmers and small businesses still support these Nat Party charlatans, and for those that do, good on you, you’re about to get a good dose of the medicine you deserve.