Startling event- National MP speaks truth in “dickhead” comment

Chester Borrows

Chester Borrows

Labour’s Iain Lees-Galloway, the party’s spokesman on workplace issues, has complained about Nat MP Chester Burrows calling Health and Safety inspectors “dickheads”

Poor widdle Lees-Galloway says Mr Borrows shouldn’t be subjecting officials to “a tirade of verbal abuse” when they’re trying to save lives.

Well, I beg to differ with this idiot, and I commend Chester Borrows for an unusual example of honesty from the National Party.

Borrows told his local paper, the Whanganui Chronicle, about an incident on a farm where an official saw five farm quad bikes in a shed and five helmets hanging on the wall behind each bike.

He said the official issued an infringement notice because the helmets weren’t on the bikes themselves.

“Chester Borrows let rip at what he called `dickhead bureaucrats’ for their unbending enforcement of health and safety regulations,” the Chronicle reported.

It quoted Mr Borrows as saying: “I’m finding people are getting hacked off with stupid rules and enforcement.”

Of course what Borrows conveniently forgets, is that as usual it is National who are responsible for this situation. Prisoners of an all powerful bureaucracy and apparently to dim or wet to do anything about it, they champion this kind of idiocy as they did with their current “Safer Farms” project.

Its your colleague Michael Woodhouse who is behind this garbage Chester. You can read about it here.

One thought on “Startling event- National MP speaks truth in “dickhead” comment

  1. `dickhead bureaucrats’ I could not have put it better myself

    Labour Inspectors

    Parking Nazis

    Traffic Police Nazis

    IRD inspectors

    Council inspectors

    The list goes on and on and on

    You have to ask yourself why would you want to employ people with all the bullshit you have to deal with before you start work.

    Remember these people who are basically unemployable with entitlement and Hitler syndromes, do not produce anything, nothing at all, like there lower paid beneficiary counterparts they are a net economic drain on the Country

    With the Government requiring at least 45% of the economy to function, you can see how they see 1% growth as being a rock star economy.

    A proper cost/benefit analysis would shut most if not all of them down.


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