Whanau Ora- Another racist socialist quagmire dreamed up by the Key govt

whanau-ora Wikipedia describes Whānau Ora (Māori: family health) in language typical of the bureaucratic politically correct meaningless garbage that substitutes for English these days-

Whanua Ora is a major contemporary indigenous health initiative in New Zealand driven by Māori cultural values. Its core goal is to empower communities and extended families to support families within the community context rather than individuals within an institutional context.

Whānau Ora evolved out of the coalition between the National and Māori parties after the 2008 general election and became a cornerstone of the coalition agreement between them after the 2011 general election.Te Puni Kōkiri, (the Ministry for Māori Development), states that:

Whānau Ora is an inclusive approach to providing services and opportunities to whānau across New Zealand. It empowers whānau as a whole, rather than focusing separately on individual whānau members and their problems.

So after reading all of that racist PC BS, is it any wonder this has turned into an expensive wasteful dysfunctional quagmire?

The Auditor General Lyn Provost has released a highly critical report on Whanau Ora, saying it is confusing, bureaucratic and poorly administered.

Tariana Turia was the Minister Responsible for Whānau Ora in the 50th New Zealand Parliament. In the first four years it spent almost $140 million. Nearly a third of that funding, or $42 million, was spent on administration. The report says the lead agency, Te Puni Kokiri, could have spent more on the people who Whanau Ora was meant to help.

Yep, same old story. Leaden arsed bureaucrats feasting off the taxpayer and doing damn all. And who would expect more from the snivelling racist with a huge chip on her shoulder Tariana Turia. Thank god we no longer have to see her face in parliament.

“There should have been clearly understood aims, roles and responsibilities, which should have lead to clear accountability and good reporting. So far, the situation has been unclear and confusing to many of the public entities and whanau. This is unacceptable,” the report said

Yes, but how can things like this happen when we are told National are such brilliant financial managers? Winston Peters says- “When struggling families needed help in all areas, they got some airy fairy scheme dreamed up by the race-based Maori Party“.

Defending himself from the expected attacks from the usual racist hucksters, he followed up with “It is not racist to point out that both Maori and the taxpayer are being ripped off.

Winston is right. This was just another con on NZ taxpayers, where money was dolled out casually to the racist socially divisive Maori party to prop up a coalition agreement that allowed John Key and National to safely stay in power.

MMP gives cynical self serving looters in smaller parties the power to hold larger parties with only small margins to ransom, and this boondoggle was an excellent example. Tariana shafted John Key and the Nats because they’re not only hopeless economic managers, they’re hopeless negotiators as well.

6 thoughts on “Whanau Ora- Another racist socialist quagmire dreamed up by the Key govt

  1. Key new that he would have support from Sharples and Tariana as long as he never said no to them. They had him by proverbial short and curlies and this was never going to translate into anything positive for the majority of Kiwis.

    “He who sups with the devil should have a long spoon”.


  2. NZ’s long descent in banana republic status continues. This long list of incompetence just keeps growing with no end in sight so the question then is when do we start calling this incompetence “corruption”?


    • No, Next time we will get our own people to write the report for them, so that they fully understand our cultural values, and get it right.


  3. And when the opposition MP’s rightly do their job as opposition and try to hold the government to account, Anne Tolley tries to dismiss their rightful criticisms by saying “middle-aged white pakeha men” wouldn’t understand.

    This is reprehensible conduct and she should be sacked immediately. Of course she won’t – compared to “white motherf–kers” Tolley was being polite.

    The National Party are nothing short of a disgrace to this country.


  4. “a major contemporary indigenous health initiative in New Zealand driven by Maori cultural values”

    What exactly are these cultural values.

    Bashing our family, killing our children, anti social behavior, criminal behavior, every other negative statistic you could possible think of and some you could not.

    Whanau Ora has been a resounding success, lots of money for the elite and a few crumbs for the slaves and assorted peasants.

    And hey we do not tattoo up the faces of our slaves any more, so we can kill them and sell the heads. Or eat our enemies.

    And no it is not about money all the time, we do not want funding for a TV series on the 1820 Musket Wars. Were we killed off about 20% of our own people.


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