If you were annoyed by MS, get ready for Mx

Here’s another story about transgenders. Why is the MSM shoving this meme at us all over the west?

In yet another confrontation of the fact that most of us don’t give a damn about their friggin sexuality, the Marxist divide and conquer sector has come up with yet another dopey scheme to attack the homogeneous society.

There may soon be an officially recognised title for gender neutral people, an alternative to Ms and Mr, and its MX and “they ” tell us its pronounced “mux”.

“It’s a reminder that people are not feeling validated, and it does cause stress,” executive director of Transgender Victoria, Sally Goldner, said. “Documentation and forms that don’t match the reality of people’s existence are part of that.”

The assistant editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, Jonathan Dent, said the title Mx is under consideration for inclusion in the next edition of the dictionary.

I dunno what to say about this really other than to fall back on my old standard through the looking glass comment. I just wish this damn progressive syndrome would hurry up and run its course.

Mx flagged as possible title for transgender and other gender neutral people, according to Oxford English Dictionary

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2 replies

  1. What’s wrong with “Comrade”? Call ’em what they are and treat ’em the way they deserve.


  2. If the shoe doesn’t fit, change the foot.

    “Documentation and forms that don’t match the reality of people’s existence are part of that.” — or as Bolt once said “Present known lies to the court about a person’s ‘gender’, and two women being ‘parents’ and the court will willingly accept those lies. What lies are next?


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