John Key to quit before next election- iPredict

The internet betting site iPredict has issued a press release outlining a few of their most topical predictions. Among them is high odds that John Key will quit in 2017.

New Zealand will have a female National Party prime minister before the next general election, according to the combined wisdom of iPredict’s 8000+ registered traders. John Key is expected to quit as the party’s leader in 2017 before the start of the election campaign with just a 17% probability of remaining National leader until the end of 2017 (down from 35% last week).

Paula Bennett is the favourite to be replace him, with 37% probability, followed by Judith Collins on 19%.

2017? That’s still two more years of this slimy little flag changing rat. However, while I’m enthused at the thought of JK’s departure even at such a later stage, I can’t say I feel the same about his potential replacements.

In fact, I’m totally depressed at the dearth of options. Could Bennet or Collins amount to something with JK out of the picture? I doubt it. We need fresh blood.

John Key to Quit Before Next Election – iPredict

4 thoughts on “John Key to quit before next election- iPredict

  1. perhaps quitting is the wrong choice of words

    “forced out in disgrace” might be better.

    There is a term we use in Finance to describe his situation which is “The black swans are circling”


  2. If “Basher” Bennet or “Crusher” Collins lived up to their nicknames, there might be some progress.

    It is still the case that all benefits can be stopped pretty much overnight. Just an order in council to set the rate to zero, don’t even need a law change. The only question is: who has the guts?


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