We are slaves to socialists for 151 days per year

The Taxpayer’s Union have issued a media release-

A media report suggesting that tomorrow is National Tax Freedom Day is premature according to the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union.

“We are delighted that others have picked up our initiative from last year,” says Taxpayers’ Union spokesman Ben Craven. “Unfortunately this version by Staples Rodway doesn’t factor in local government nor public spending funded by borrowing.”

“Using the OECD measure gives a more accurate reflection on how long New Zealanders work for the government and allows for comparison with other countries. The current burden of government is 41.4% of GDP. For comparison Australia’s is only 36.1%.”

“This year tax freedom day is Sunday May 31, representing the 41.4% of the economy that is spent by the government. Last year’s tax freedom day was on June 4.”

Read that again folks- 41.4% of the economy that is spent by government. And even then it is not enough. Bill English bemoans the fact the low inflation has reduced his money supply. He’s already borrowing $350 million a week to keep his Potemkin village afloat.

We’re actually working as slaves for around 150 days of the year. Slaves to socialism and those who profit from it.

I notice David Farrar, probably the blogosphere’s most fervent supporter of the National Party, has a post on this issue which he ends with the lament- “I’d like Tax Freedom Day to be in March, not May.”

Well that’s fine Dave, but like most Nat supporters you continue to support them when so much of what they do is wasteful churning and could be stopped tomorrow.

All most Nats can say when you raise this issue is “Oh well it would be much worse if Labour was in power”. Then they say, “and John Key can’t do what is necessary because the Nats would be voted out next election if they did”.

Of course that would only be true if they had a weak leader who was incapable of articulating to the voters the steps that need to be taken and why, and drawing them with him. Which is exactly what they have in the ineffective self promoting flag changing John Key.

David Farrar’s comment is nothing but weak platitudinous hypocritical cant. He can’t expect to be taken seriously when he says such things while he continues to be such an enthusiastic supporter of John Key and National.

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  1. Aside from it’s marxist idiots and fake Conservatives who believe in every progressive idea going, the most frustrating commentators on KB are those who should know better but will not deviate from the National = right, Labour = left meme. They would support Key even if he bought in little red books and launched 5 year plans with tractor production targets as at least he “can’t be worse than Labour”.

    These are the ones we need to convert but their pride stops them from seeing what is going on. They hope one day “Key will come to his senses” and start acting like a right wing government. Memo to you fools – if he ain’t done anything after 7 years, what makes you think the leopard will change it’s spots?

    Fcuk them I say. I’m not going to be the one telling my grandkids I was a Neville Chamberlain and tell them I did nothing to stop the progressive menace.

    I’m with Gerald Warner who says “The time for tactical voting is over. Reluctantly supporting one legacy party in the hope of blocking an even more loathsome one was a tactic born of desperation in the days when there was no alternative…………….Everywhere else, tactical voting is irrelevant. If, at last, a political party is representing our views we would be insane not to vote for it”



    • Yes, I too don’t wish to be labeled as one who only criticised socialism when Labour were doing it.

      The difference between the Nats and Labour is paper thin and it drives you nuts to read the constant stream of National Party press releases where they constantly boast of their socialist initiatives. Grants here, new regulations there, more bureaucrats here, just an endless stream of taxpayer funded socialist bullshit.

      And the clueless imbeciles are proud of it. Locked into the nether world between the bureaucracy and the progressive media Nat Party politicians are completely out of touch with the growing dissatisfaction with big stealing taxing regulating interfering govt.

      They’re a pack of useless bastard with not an idea to save themselves.


      • There’ll be no change as long as we have MMP where the MP’s feel they are only obligated to their leaders and not to the people whom they represent. Just like the flag referendum, the review of our electoral system was engineered for a specific result and Key got what he wanted.

        The UK elections are going to be interesting. I feel that Cameron is going to lose and purely because he has not listened to his electorate, and he has also been too stupid to realise that UKIP will split his votes. If he had he been talking to Farage and not contesting strong UKIP areas and visa versa, he would have been in power with a reasonable partner. But then he would have had to rein in his progressive agenda.


  2. They would support Key even if he bought in little red books and launched 5 year plans with tractor production targets

    Umm seen Stephen Joyce’s economic development plans lately? That’s just what they say.

    Things are so bad now – remember – that ACT’s big new policy idea is the “chewing gum” tax break that even Cullen abandoned.


  3. Sounds high but there are other taxes like rates etc, compliance costs for things like pools, spas, fencing alterations, car registration, every other type of registration you could possible think of and some you have not, etc.the list is endless.

    In France I believe it is something like 55% of GDP. You can retire there at 55 if you work for the railways or are a teacher etc they had riots in the street when they proposed lifting the general retirement age to 62.from 60. We are talking about 67 here.

    I have been to Countries where local body’s are funded by central Government, not rates.

    Somebody calculated that if you confiscated all the wealth over 250,000 euro per person, you could repay the EU debt.If somebody has calculated it, then it is on the table.

    Think your Kiwi saver is safe, think again, at best, it is subject to the inherent instability of the financial markets, someone will always be retiring at the wrong time for the market. At worst it is a huge lump sum for a Government desperate for money. Think about all the changes in NZ and Australia, none have been to the benefit of the kiwi savers. Subtle TAX changes and rule changes etc. Like all Ponzie schemes it relies on a continual inflow of money, withdrawals are actively discouraged, at some stage here, it will become compulsory. Now tell me how fair is that, you are locked in until 65+ and the Government can change the rules at any time to suit themselves.

    The great Cyprus bank collapse raid where they took money from accounts to cover the shortfall. Don’t think it would happen here, shortly after we had our own Open Bank Resolution legislation enacted, look it up, that allowed just that.The Government can go into a collapsed Bank and redistribute,confiscate, savings to refinance the Banks capital.

    Rant and rave as much as you like, it is already to late.

    With over 50% of the population beholden to the Government to put food on the table there is no way any Government could stay in power if they did the right thing. People will vote in there own self interest.

    How many people in local body elections, do not pay rates. The American revolution was about no Taxation without representation. We have representation without Taxation, when you are not picking up the bill, you will vote in your own self interest.

    How many people vote in General election who effectively do not pay TAX, remember to give somebody a benefit and then TAX them is not Taxation, you gave them the TAX to pay back. Same for Government employees. The non productive sector has effective control.

    look around the World, not the sanitized propaganda that the media put out.

    The real story is not very nice, so you will hear very little about it, if at all.

    Mark my words this will all end very badly.


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