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General Debate For readers, and myself to post random comments or links that are of interest. Please post a link or a comment here if you have anything you’d like to share.

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  1. Good article and discussion in Quadrant about outrageous bias of Australian broadcaster ABC. Author James Allen.

    More of Mark Scott? Surely Not

    Could it be that Tony Abbott’s cabinet is infested with closet masochists, the sort who enjoy being beaten up by the national broadcaster its current managing director has so steadfastly refused to reform? It is the only way to explain this talk of extending his contract.

    Let me be blunt. If this Coalition government extends Mark Scott’s term as the ABC’s managing director for a year, or even for two minutes, then I will not vote for them, no matter how awful the alternative. Spoiled ballot here I come.

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  2. RB, FYI on Allen West. Because of you fondness you’ve expressed for him, I’m not sure how you will look at it. For me, this is not the first time Col West has displayed judgment I find worse than merely disappointing.

    What was my recommendation to Michael? Forego having Geert Wilders speak, because of he high risk involved. I personally know Geert and support his stance against the incursion of militant Islamism and Islamo-fascism. If we were on a battlefield this would be an easy call, but there are innocent men and women involved — they are not warriors.



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