Polling hopelessly inaccurate in UK election, favoured Labour

Apparently the UK have an organisation called The British Polling Council (BPC) and it is intending to look into the causes of presumed bias after almost every survey during the election campaign underestimated the Conservatives’ true lead over Labour.

In the run up to polling day, almost every major national poll had predicted the race was neck and neck and too close to call, but the conservatives won comfortably with 331 seats over Labour’s 233. The Daily Express reports-

The BPC, which counts all major UK polling companies among its members, said in a statement: “The final opinion polls before the election were clearly not as accurate as we would like, and the fact that all the pollsters underestimated the Conservative lead over Labour suggests that the methods that were used should be subject to careful, independent investigation.

“The British Polling Council, supported by the Market Research Society, is therefore setting up an independent inquiry to look into the possible causes of this apparent bias, and to make recommendations for future polling.

Funny thing is this could have actually helped the Conservatives, driving more people to the polls who were desperately afraid of the fact that Labour could win.

Daily Express- Pollsters face inquiry over ‘biased’ predictions

3 thoughts on “Polling hopelessly inaccurate in UK election, favoured Labour

  1. It would have hurt the smaller parties though.
    In-fact, everything is stacked against the smaller parties in the UK.


  2. Funny thing also that Lord Aschroft’s – the main Tory donor and supporter – polls were basically of. Crosby Textor was right: people know that Labour is always a disaster, but due to the liberal bias of the MSM, schools, etc, won’t even admit it to pollsters.


  3. Pathetic. Shouldn’t be an internal inquiry – should be by the Police or better still MI5. And it shouldn’t about how they did such a bad job – should be to purge the Labour and SNP supporters from the polling companies. The crime should be subverting an election, that is, high treason.


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