Tony Abbott’s chief business advisor says climate change is a left wing scam

newman2 Its good to see a man with some brains, some ability to apply critical analysis, and some courage in a political advisory position for a change when most of them are indoctrinated progressives educated to be just the opposite.

The Chief of Australian PM Tony Abbott’s Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council is Maurice Newman, and he says the climate change movement wants “a new world order under the control of the (United Nations),” and is “opposed to capitalism and freedom,”. A good harsh truth that has enlivened the Marxist/ communist/ progressive scammers as you enliven a termite’s nest by throwing rocks at it.

Newman’s career spans forty years in stockbroking and investment banking, including as Managing Director in 1984, and Executive Chairman from 1985 until 1999, of what is now the Deutsche Bank Group in Australia. He was Chairman of the Deutsche Bank Asia Pacific Advisory Board and a Director of Deutsche Bank Asia Pacific from 1999 to 2001.

He served as Chancellor of Macquarie University from 2002 to February 2008. Currently he is an Honorary Professor at Macquarie University and Honorary Chair of the Macquarie University Foundation Patrons.

So Mr. Newman is a man of some accomplishments.

Newman argued in a May 8 Australian opinion article that while the climate-change movement presents itself “as an independent, spontaneous consensus of concerned scientists, politicians and citizens,” its “real agenda is concentrated political authority.”

Newman also claims “they [climate-change activists] have captured the UN and are extremely well funded. They have a hugely powerful ally in the White House. They have successfully enlisted compliant academics and an obedient and gullible mainstream media to push the scriptures regardless of evidence.”

A refreshing approach to the truth that is sadly lacking in so many other so called “Govt advisors”. NZ PM John Key’s advisor, Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, badly needs to have a chat with Professor Maurice Newman, and perhaps he could learn a thing or to, not so much about climate change, but about truth, and being unafraid to speak it.

10 thoughts on “Tony Abbott’s chief business advisor says climate change is a left wing scam

  1. Of course, who wants real scientists doing real science to lay out the evidence? Far better to let some numpty business man attack the messengers when he is incapable of attacking the message.

    Where is the evidence to support his claims?


      • The irony is that governments who have spent millions on pro-AGW/CC research are richer than any business or industry. Heck, Algore is richer than most businessmen.. Carbon credits, baby!


  2. You appear to be taken in by the AGW mob, David.
    Many real scientists would disagree with you – they simply don’t get their peer reviewd articles published and publicised, because they don’t fit the agenda of the captured Lamestream media.
    And no doubt, you support the train engine driver who runs the UN Panel on climate change ?


  3. Not at all, Don.

    However, if these “real scientists” don’t get their peer reviewd articles published and publicised… how do you know about them? Is there an underground?

    And, just as a side note, anyone who uses terms such as Lamestream media shows there ignorance level approaches Palinesque.

    Now, instead of shooting the messenger, how about you try to shoot the facts?

    And what’s wrong with being a “train engine driver”? One served with distinction as Australia’s Treasurer during WW2.


    • Goebbels once observed that any lie, no matter how preposterous, will eventually be widely believed if it is told often enough to enough people. He was right about that at least. L Ron Hubbard once said that the best way to control people is to lie to them, and he would know. Such is the case with the global warming scam. It is not often that one gets to watch a TV news bulletin or read through a newspaper and find that the supposed threat of global warming is not mentioned, either directly or implicitly.

      There is no proof whatsoever that human activity has any measurable effect on the weather. The climate has always been subject to change, both in the short and long term. The parameters that influence the weather are complex, and are far beyond the scope of any computer simulation to accurately model and predict.

      The climate debate is not scientific, it is political. Science is based on repeatable experiments and verifiable facts, both of which are missing from the global warming debate. Instead, the promoters of the scam rely on a “consensus”. That has never been the scientific method. If “consensus” had a place in science, the leading physicists could have run a ballot on the existence of the Higgs particle and the 9 billion dollars spend on the Large Hadron Collider would have been unnecessary.

      The political solution to this perceived problem is as usual, more taxes, which inevitably lead to higher prices, less freedom and bigger government. This should come as no surprise given that most politicians, particularly those of the left, do not know any better. One should also be very suspicious of any scientist who is too friendly with the UN, arguably the most corrupt consortium of crooks and despots ever assembled.

      Further evidence that global warming alarmism is political rather than scientific is that the Green party, which claims to represent environmental interests, is also a hard left party with devout communists high in it’s ranks. They appear to have only a token level of concern for the environment, preferring instead to focus on smacking, youth pay rates and cannabis decriminalization etc. If all the alleged horrors of AGW were able to be predicted beyond dispute, no “green” party would be necessary. Support for a solution would be manifest across the entire gamut of political opinion.



      • Spot on Bill.

        The temperature records have been fiddled and the models don’t work.
        Global warming was seized upon, from the beginning, and used to further political agenda and line pockets.


  4. The thing that is beyond me, is people who claim the ETS is helping the environment. We pay an ETS when we use energy. It goes to plant trees. Wait, though, it doesn’t grow trees here in New Zealand. So its not helping us clean up our environment. So with the ETS, that’s going to other countries to fix their problems. In the meantime our industries lack the machinery to be able to compete with the rest of the world. This ETS doesn’t make a lot of sense, unless your name is mikenmild or griff.


    • Its just another instance of the so called right’s surrender to the forces of the left. We have to get people in parliament who are made of sterner stuff and can articulate the ideas that counter left wing propaganda. Few of the present lot are even remotely capable. See the video of Melissa Lee for an acutely accurate example.


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