UKIP now third biggest UK party on vote basis only has one seat in parliament

graphpol-286376 Ukip supporters are feeling the UK’s first past the post electoral system is unrepresentative after the party polled nearly four million votes with a huge swing in their favour but only gained one seat in parliament.

UKIp on 3.7 million got more votes than both the Lib Dems and SNP combined, who have 8 and 56 seats respectively.

Under a proportional representation system , those votes would have given UKIP 83 seats in the new parliament.

However there’s a downside in that such a system would also have given the Greens 24 seats and the Scottish National Party 37 seats. The system would also have changed results for the main parties with the Conservatives on 240 and Labour on 213. The Libdems would have 53.

This is a mix that would probably have made the UK ungovernable in the same way NZ is hard to govern at the moment.

While its good to see the UK public were not stupid enough to fall for Labour’s propaganda, its a shame that again like NZ, the only party they could vote for to realistically stop the extreme left was the far left Conservatives.

Under coward Cameron and his spineless flunkies the UK will continue to collapse into the socialist abyss. A country completely white anted by Cultural Marxism and Fabian socialism.

Meanwhile the almost 4 million who supported UKIP, like the 100,000 in NZ who voted Conservative, will have to grin and bear it while parties with far less votes strut their parliamentary power.

Cameron actually only has a relatively small majority, and his govt will most likely be blighted by backbench rebellions and leadership challenges, so it will be interesting to see how he goes. With some luck, the UK might only have to tolerate this sniveling Marxist appeaser for a short time.

More to the point though is the anger of 4 million voters who have been virtually shut out of the parliamentary process. Where do the libs and progressives who are the main beneficiaries of FFP at the moment think this will lead?

16 thoughts on “UKIP now third biggest UK party on vote basis only has one seat in parliament

  1. It was disappointing that Farage missed out by around 2000 votes.Couldn’t figure that one out.


    • Farage’s was a great achievement, reducing a huge majority Conservative lead in the previous election.Pity he made that promise to resign.I think without him UKIP are gone.


      • Get a grip. The referendum will be law within a couple of months, and UKIP with Farage reelected as leader will lead the UK to BREXIT!

        Meanwhile Osbourne will finally have to start in on welfare and we’ll get rid of the NHS. What’s not to like, and a great example for Crusher when she takes over from Mr ponytail man…


        • The NHS is always touted as a Labour policy and their great achievement. All forget that it was the result of the Beveridge Report which the Conservatives supported.There’s no way in the world they would scrap one of their own wartime programmes. It would be political suicide. Reform yes, scrap? No way. And have some manners, “get a grip” is uncalled for.


          • If you think “get a grip” is uncalled for, well I can’t help it if you’re that PC. As Nigel would say, then: “get a pint”.

            And yes: we need to get rid of the NHS as quickly as we can – it is nothing less than communism. Which is why George Osbourne has had that promise in the last two manifestos, and why he now has the majority to put that into effect.

            I look forwards to the UK returning to first rate medical care for the first time since 1950.


  2. The UKIP supporters must be doing it tough at the moment. I know I would be. Say what you like about MMP, FPP is significantly unfair and a real shocker of a system. I have had a bad feeling for the last 6 months this would happen. Just imagine 12.6% of the country voting for you and you get .15% of the seats. The SNP get 4.7% of people voting for you and end up with over 8% of the seats, just because their supporters are clumped together in one region.

    Take a month or two of Nigel and come back stronger.


  3. ‘In the 2005 UK general election, Tony Blair and Labor, won a parliamentary majority with the votes of only 21.6% of the total electorate’. (wiki)

    FPP is the wrong system for the multi party, political environment of the UK.

    Proportional representation would be much fairer and would work perfectly if the politicians served the people first…


  4. Good grief! With Scotland gone, we’re looking at a permanent Tory / UKIP government for England & Wales. Labour has been wiped out and will never make it back.

    And you’re suggesting parliaments with UKIP (sure) but also more Greeies, more welsh and scots terrorists? Get grip. Proportional Representation – which I admit tends to follow on from the Universal Franchise – always only leads to more leftism.

    What the UK needs is to get back to first principles: NO REPRESENTATION WITHOUT TAXATION. If you are or ever had been on a benefit, state school, student loan, had tax credits, used the NHS, then no more voting for you!

    That’s a real conservative solution. Not f**king commie PR!


    • You need to separate the issues.

      Democracy and Education

      If people want to vote for the Greens, God help them, but that is their right and they should be allowed fair representation. That fact that more than a handful of people vote for them would be better addressed if their policies were properly scrutinised and costed. The conservative message is very weak in explaining the social and economic costs of socialism.

      You seem to want a violent revolution where the left are jailed and criminals are executed, the left own that history and it doesn’t work.

      When the financial system collapses, the left will truly be exposed and right will have an opportunity to find its voice.


      • but that is their right

        No one – especially not a leftist – has a right to vote. A key conservative principle is that voting is a privilege not a right. The universal franchise is already seen everywhere except in the Welfare West as just another side-effect of the disastrous leftism of the twentieth century, along with public education, healthcare, pensions, welfare and the rest of communism.


      • Jailing and executing criminals and the left is just commonsense.

        I don’t want a violent revolution but if existing political arrangements cannot restore good (on in the Us) constitutional government it’s hard to see other options.


  5. If progressives and liberals keep shutting unbelievers out of the voting process like this, and denying them fair parliamentary representation, it will eventually bring an end to the so called democracy we know, and perhaps that’s not such a bad thing.


  6. I feel bad it happened for UKIP this way. But at the same time it had to happen. There is something to be said for voting for a party on principle knowing in all honesty they probably won’t get the seats they deserve, but a significant portion of the vote none-the-less.

    Nigel Farage set the national agenda on having an EU referendum and issues like immigration. Hopefully he recharges the batteries and has another go, or at least is in a position to continue to be a thorne in the side of David Cameron.
    Below the headlines, whatever happens in Britain now, Cameron will own the result, he can’t pin things on the LibDems or weasle out in other ways. In that context their % of the total vote is down since the last election and it would be safe to say they can’t afford any more slippage or rely on the fear factor to get them across the line.


  7. You get the Government you voted for.

    FPP, MMP, all seem to be unsatisfactory.

    We have the same here The Maori seats throwing out the proportionality of parliament. With 0.5% of the vote you can control 4-5% of the seats.

    Democracy is far from perfect but it is better than the alternatives.That is not to say that we should not be working to make it better.

    For a start we should remove race based seats, Yeah Right.

    Drop the threshold for list seats to the equivalent of one electorate seat etc, yeah Right.

    Hold legally binding referendum for single issue questions. Yeah Right.

    Have a proper constitution that limits the power of the Government, not some treaty based bullshit.

    In the mean time while we wait for Rome to burn, how about a nice new flag.


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