Someone says it at last- the Pope is a Communist

From now on, Pope Francis should be utterly dismissed as an important leader of the world. His latest global warming “encyclical” has proven he subscribes to a risible, anti-western and anti-capitalist theology and is less a Catholic than a communist.

I have been saying that this disastrous pope is a commie since his first few public addresses, but Catholic apologists who can’t get past their fealty to their “god on earth” have always found little outs, ways to dismiss the criticism of their pope by claiming that Francis is really just badly stating longstanding Catholic doctrine.

But with Francis’ new encyclical On Care For Our Common Home, the pope’s latest paean to the religion of global warming leaves no doubt that he stands against western values in most cases.

In this message–which lays out this terrible pope’s absurd ideas on his new religion of global warming–says that we need to stop buying things and turn the world back several thousand years to a time when life was brutal, uncomfortable, and short. He is essentially calling for an end to capitalism in this rambling paper.

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11 thoughts on “Someone says it at last- the Pope is a Communist

  1. The Vatican has and always will be a nest of Evil.

    Look at the atrocities, over millennium, that have been committed on our fellow man in the name of God.

    If I was an Evil being hiding on Earth I could not think of a better way to hide.


  2. Hell yeah! Meanwhile another European country returns to Democracy, with Denmark decisively rejecting communism and electing what Whale or Kiwiblog would no doubt call an “extreme right danish peoples’ party” as the single largest party .

    But communism cannot really be defeated on the web or even at the ballot box.

    “aux barricades”

    or as we say: Defend your Castle. Stand your Ground. Open Carry. Lock & Load!

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  3. One of his first visits after election was to Lampedusa, showing support for Islamic illegal immigration. The man’s a deluded idiot. I say that as a life long left footer.As a South American he is probably ,though I can’t say for sure , into so called ‘Liberation Theology’ which is just the Church’s name for marxism.


    • It is also amazing that an enemy of the United States can get elected President of the United States TWICE! It would appear that the Catholic Church has now unfortunately been similarly infiltrated.



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