Who the hell is Cameron Slater to be criticising anyone with allegations of infidelity?


Holier than thou hypocritical piece of progressive crap.

Lauda Finem

in a lengthy written decision on Friday, Judge David Harvey, dismissed their application. He said Brown had contributed to her own distress and had admitted to having made a number of unfortunate choices. “One of them was to have an affair with a married man. That man was Cameron Slater.” The short affair was around the end of 2010 and ended when Slater spent a Christmas holiday with his wife and family. Brown had then told Slater’s wife of the affair.

NZ Herald

Prominent media commentator Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater has been outed for an extra-marital affair by a court judgment this week. The affair between Slater and Debbie Brown was revealed in an Auckland District Court judgment detailing a bitter fallout between Brown and her former friend Jacqueline Sperling.

9 thoughts on “Who the hell is Cameron Slater to be criticising anyone with allegations of infidelity?

  1. Yeah well he got Colin Craig; will no doubt get rid of Andrew Little; may not be fighting National but sure is trying to wipe out Labour, Greens & Unions.

    A Whale Party would be anti-welfare, anti-tax, anti-immigration, anti-communist and pro-gun.

    Sounds pretty damn good to me.


    • Slater is a low life loser, untrustworthy, cowardly and who only made his name such as it is through his father’s accomplishments. In political terms, he’s no different or probably even worse than the left wingers he claims to detest.

      His actions and words typify the rot that consumes the National Party at the moment, full of compromisers and cowards and sleaze artists who STAND FOR NOTHING.

      If you want a lowlife like Slater in govt you must need your head looked at.


  2. You are quite right about Slater. However, it was only a matter of time before the truth came out about Colin Craig. Some could say better sooner than later but I do not think it make much difference. The Conservative Party was Colin’s party and there is no one to replace him as leader.

    I am mainly interest in a party that promotes a workable form of direct democracy and promotes traditional family values.


    • Chuck, I actually admire your loyalty to NZ First but let’s not pretend its ever been anything but Winston Peter’s political vehicle, and Winston has never said anything about being a Conservative. If I’m wrong on that please correct me.

      Its not hard. All one has to do is believe in a small non-intrusive govt of low taxes, and that supports traditional values. Never have I observed Winston pushing these issues and in fact many of their policies run counter to these ideas.

      The bottom line is we need something new, something that really disturbs the current solidifying progressive status quo. An agent of change. It isn’t NZ First.


      • RB, you would like a party that is fiscally to the right or conservative as well as being morally conservative or supporting traditional values. ACT could have been many years ago when there were a number of MP who would support traditional values. If Muriel Newman had been no 2 on the list instead of Heather whats her name thing may have been different. I cannot see any such party being an option in 2017.

        My main focus is on traditional values which Winston supports. However, he has not campaigned on that unlike Colin. I was at a Family First Forum when he and Colin were asked question on a number of moral issues. There answers were similar. One exception was that Winston did not want more tax on alcohol.

        He also supports binding referenda which is important to me.

        The reality is that Colin and the Conservative Party are history. NZ First could be around for a few years yet with Ron Mark or Shane Johns as a possible leader.

        If what is said about Colin Craig’s latest threats of legal action against board member, John Stringer are true that gives me and many others cause to think he is not fit to lick Winston’s boots.


        • Peters is as low as slime can slide Chuck.

          You must be retarded to think he has any value left in him. I realise your political options are narrowed down right now but you could abstain from supporting anyone. Its not compulsory to cheer lead for someone.


    • am mainly interest in a party that promotes a workable form of direct democracy and promotes traditional family values.

      direct democracy – indeed democracy – is directly inimitable to “family values” — at least until the franchise is restricted to heads of families with significant assets.


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