NZ Media (and Cameron Slater) shocked to discover opposition to same sex marriage exists

Anyone who followed the issue of homosexual marriage in NZ will know how it was forced upon society while those who opposed it were denied any kind of real voice. Here, the propaganda term “marriage equality” reigned supreme, and no other phraseology was permitted.

Whereas in Australia, its being called what it is- same sex marriage, and the view that it is not at all about equality is being given plenty of media space. Tony Abbot faces serious opposition within his party for trying to do a Key on the issue and was forced to reconsider his advocated surrender.

Same in the US where there is widespread open opposition to same sex marriage.

NZ is an isolated island nation, and its too easy for progressives to set the agenda and deny opposition a voice. That is why its important that we work to bring down their propaganda organs. Prime examples being the NZ Herald, The Dominion Post, TV One and TV3 and most talk-back radio.

Its sad to see that Kiwblog (and of course Whaleoil) are not far behind in propogating progressive ideas and attacking Conservatives at every opportunity. If you’re a Conservative and unhappy with Progressive tyranny in NZ don’t patronise those outlets.

If you don’t fight- you lose.

Update- As Caleb points out below, there was a massive protest in Europe yesterday too. Breitbart reports.

6 thoughts on “NZ Media (and Cameron Slater) shocked to discover opposition to same sex marriage exists

  1. Family First are facing the issue head on and its costing. The Commission says that FF are representative of only a few which, in respect of smacking at least, is a clearly rubbish. The homo lobby would never have been happy for the marriage debate to go to a referendum because they know its not an obvious pass.


    • Yes, you’re right of course. The whole process was a fraud starting with the so called parliamentary committee that was headed up by Kevin Hague and Louisa Wall.


  2. To call sodomite sex “marriage” and put it on the same footing as heterosexual marriage – exactly what the sexes were designed for – is a travesty against nature, where the origin of marriage is. Sodomy is a disgusting and objectively perverse and disordered practice.


  3. I remember what little debate there was.

    One in particular was some obese fat cow shouting down her opponent in a debate. The presenter happily let her get away with it, despite the fact that she did not have anything useful to say.

    The slow decay and collapse of society, it is not the first and it wont be the last. But the downward slide has been going on for some time.


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