Can a Progressive sell Conservatism?

ScreenShot048 Rachel MacGregor worked at the far left propaganda organisation TVNZ for seven years as a Reporter and Producer for News and Current Affairs Programmes.

Her Twitter feed is dominated by comments that firmly identify her as a Progressive.

What the hell was this common and garden type Progressive who can’t even spell doing working in Public Relations for the Conservative Party? She doesn’t have a clue about Conservatism. One would think anyone trying to sell a product would need to have some understanding of that product.

If her employment with the party was down to Craig then its yet another rank misjudgment. Leaving aside the more glaringly apparent issues of any romantic engagement.

Craig’s presser yesterday explained the reasons for MacGregor’s decision to depart in the most damaging manner possible to the party. She was in dispute with Craig over matters financial and probably romantic.

Obviously lacking any loyalty to the cause the decision to depart a day before the election was done out of spite and malice arising through matters that were not even political.

This whole thing is an amateurish fiasco that would never have occurred under responsible and mature management.

4 thoughts on “Can a Progressive sell Conservatism?

  1. I see Christine Rankin has quit too. I was never quite sure what a failed public servant with a record of extravagance with taxpayer’s money and three broken marriages behind her was doing in the Conservative party anyway.

    More lack of direction.


  2. It must have crossed many minds by now that she may have been a plant. Like a time bomb, there to do just that days before the election taking advantage of Craig’s gullibility etc. It was so suspicious at the time but there was no story along these lines from the MSM as far as I know. The left use these harassment situations everywhere in the world where they want a change of power, where they want to rapidly move in one of their own people, crying harassment or racist etc can take the non-progressive leaders out quietly and cleanly and efficiently. It is such a commonly used weapon of theirs at wouldn’t surprise me if someone had sent out a lefty-prog newsletter or memo…


    • Yes, I have to admit the thought crossed my mind too. However I was largely dissuaded from that POV by reading random pieces by the woman concerned. To me, she seems too lacking in intelligence to be capable of it.

      So if that wasn’t the motivator, we’re left with dumbarsed naive and silly Colin and some numpty office girl in a romance when they both should have known better.

      Who is surprised that such a thing would turn out disastrous?

      And on a matter that might have some bearing on this, all over NZ woman employees are getting willingly involved with male co-workers and then running to the Commission when the romance turns sour, as it inevitably does.

      I know of at least two cases where without any doubt the female was the instigator, and then was paid thousands in hush money and so called compensation. IMHO, its all just another Progressive rort.

      And one more thing- there is a very fine line between sexual harassment and workplace harassment. An accused can be guilty of either or both and without much effort as well. The line is very blurred and the actions that end up leading to charges can often be very very minor.


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