Has John Stringer been the Whaleoil source all along?

I ask the above question with some scepticism, however it seems that John’s criticism of Craig has been fairly long standing. The comment below was left on this blog by a long time Conservative supporter. I think it provides an alternative view on this mess that deserves a bit more exposure.

Someone from inside the party has been feeding information to Slater for a long time. I’m not saying it is/ was John, however he is surely putting himself in the frame.

Whoever was colluding with Cameron Slater and his yellow censoring underling Peter Belt at Whaleoil, who between the pair of them have conducted a vicious and cowardly assault on the Conservative party for a long time, that person has no right to claim they were acting in the party’s best interests.

Slater et al are confirmed progressives and they will always oppose any Conservative political group.

I’m not saying criticism was not due, but really feeding inside information to prog scum like Slater and Belt? Give me a break.

I met John Stringer when I attended Conservative Party meetings while living in Christchurch prior to the elections. I stopped attending the meetings as this man who I now realise was John Stringer sat in the meetings and was fiercely critical, and not at all supportive of Colin Craig in particular. I don’t think at that time John added any value to the party as he was outspoken and critical, always seeming to play the man and not the ball.

I had voted for the Conservative Party in the previous election and Colin Craig was the candidate in my electorate Rodney. I had also voted for Colin as mayor of the Super City, liked his idea of a mono rail type train across Akld city to deal with the traffic problems.

I did not know that John Stringer was a board member until the name matched the face on the Nation programme.

I believe that other board members resigning is in fact in support of Colin Craig and in protest of John Stringers actions and probably him as a person.

There is a certain breed of people that hail from Christchurch, they will admit to being one eyed and they hate with a passion anything to do with Jaffas. That is my experience anyway.

I will continue to support the Conservative Party but only if John Stringer is removed from the board. He is nothing more than a Judas.


EDIT 08/11/2015 : I now fully accept that John Stringer was not the leaker and I urge visitors to read the comments section below for clarification, where John has made his position clear.

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  1. Lets face it. Colin Craig is a bit of a noddy, and his conservative credentials are a bit lacking, but he did walk the walk with his own money and dared to stand up and challenge some of the shibboleths of modern liberalism (homosexual marriage, sexual promiscuity and the economic sellout of the country) – and for those sins the media seeks to destroy him.

    As for John Stringer, if any member of the CP board were active in undermining Colin via the media and Whaleoil (excrement on the sole of my sneaker) then they really do need their heads examined.


    • Pretty much in agreement with all that. The travesty is Stringer going to progressives Peter (coward) Belt and Cameron (gay ute) Slater. If he indeed did so, its a complete and utter betrayal.


  2. Stringer interview on stuff this morning.Gives some insight into his background but I take issue with him over his calling the buying of Lochinver racist.That wonderful word.CC was right on that issue.
    Stringer is not letting on about how scumbag WO was given info but makes you wonder if he was involved.
    As for the arsehole Lawrence Smith who claims ownership of the photo of CC.They only print shots like this to portray someone in a particular way.


  3. Terry Wallbank at the Conservative has John Stringer down as a left winger. I don’t know the guy at all, but if he is using the odious progs Slater and Belt as a political weapon his judgment is definitely in question.


  4. I posted the following comment on John Stringer’s blog. It is currently being held in moderation, so I’ll post it here as a backup.

    The idea that the Conservative Party can be fixed by putting all of this before the public and especially feeding it to Cameron Slater is a bit irrational John.

    There is no way the party will survive this and there is no way the party will recover.

    There seems to be enough reason to accept much of what you say about Craig. However once the details of the infighting were delivered to the mainstream media and Cameron Slater, that was it as far as the party was concerned.

    Both these entities are well known enemies of Conservatism. They relished the opportunity you delivered to them to destroy the Conservative Party. Slater for all of his differences with the Nats is still one of them, and is part of the broadly progressive faction that now wields the power within that organisation.

    Fine if the party decides to replace Craig, or even kick him out, but it should have been done in a managed, measured and strategic manner that did not kill off the party.

    IMHO going to Slater and the MSM was a major tactical mistake that removed any chance of the party ever dealing with this problem effectively and carrying on as a political force in NZ.

    What is more it damages the whole Conservative movement in NZ by signaling they are powerless in the face of the Progressive political machine. A hopeless political cause easily defeated.

    PS- as for Craig’s claims that he has not been guilty of “sexual harassment” this is entirely possible. The outcome of the case could have been agreed upon by both parties as “workplace harassment”. There’s a very fine line between the two.


    • I notice John still hasn’t allowed your post through still. Quite typical of someone that wants to paint the narrative his way and a person with a big ego. He is doing just as much damage as what Colin did but refuses to see it.


      • Yes, I noticed that too.

        Then again, maybe he’s just a bit too busy to check his moderation queue. He is under a bit of pressure right now. 🙂


  5. This is old hat now, but for the record, CC has now been outed by media as ‘Mr X” and ‘Interviewer” (8 Nov 2015) and we have very solid evidence on the various other sexual harassment allegations. I supported Colin for a long time, but all of us, about 18-20 Board and senior officials, have abandoned him and resigned, seeing thru the falsehoods, even his brother Andrew. The two brothers have not spoken since 19 June.

    I’ve run a series documenting Craig’s overt lies in public “See LItany of Lies series on coNZv.

    Cameron Slatre, myself and in the last few days the “Pete” guy have all put on record, I was not cameron’s “source.” Not sure what more we can say, but as Slater published on a blog some time ago, “Craig is still very vulnerable in that respect” or words like that. Several of us on the Board suspected Craig himself for some time,. still do, because the so-called “leak” completely played to his interests in terms of isolating his critics on the Board.

    Also, it was highlty suspect CC never revealed to any of us, a major hack of his Centurion server in Nov 2014, after we’d argued for weeks, for separation re servers between CP and Centurion. Colin preferred to engineer a Board leak witchhunt, and never revealed the serious security breach that involved emails and documents; and Baldock, Dobbs, Monahan and then me, became respectively “Judas” via musical CC paranoia chairs.

    In the end, people believe what they want to. I can only put out there what I know.,


    • John, I fully accept that you were not leaking to Slater and Peter Belt. In fact there is somewhere among the comments on this blog a claim from someone else taking responsibility for the leaks. (have updated post to this effect)

      Craig has played many of us for fools apparently. His admission to being Mr X has finished him completely in my book. I would never believe again a word he said about anything.


      • Cheers. Via court people will (eventually) see the lengths I went to, to try and get Colin to see sense behind closed doors, to reconcile with him, have a meeting with him, get an apology, try and work something out together. All I got was a press conf. on TV outlining I would be sued for $750,000. Not even a courtesy email beforehand.

        Pretty hard to work with that kind of approach.


        • I just browsed through all of the articles I had written in support of the Conservative Party. Re-read a lot of the comments that people had made also in support. (including your good self) What an utter waste. Craig has thrown such a tremendous amount of goodwill to the wind.


  6. Yes, I think that is the aspect that ways most heavily on me. The utter waste of the goodwill and good work of so many. I gave a lot. So did many others. I literally flew Chch > Akl almost weekly for almost a year, to help out where I could. And I defended CC against Slatres attacks online when I felt those were unfair. The contempt with which all of us have been treated by CC exposes now, that it was always about him, and CP was really just a vanity platform for him to get attention. He craves it. never any commitment to policy or ideas or real campiagning. I think he did one supermarket walk about for 20 minutes or so, nearby his office, while cameras were there, and that was about it.


    • Yes John, one of the worst aspects of Craig’s recent behaviour is that those who supported him against Slater have been proven to be wrong, and Slater right. This is a bit of humiliation I could have well done without. 🙂

      Like many others, (yourself included) I went out on a limb for Craig and now he’s cut that limb off for me himself.


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