Only one man standing against this National Party atrocity

serveimage Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, and every damn tyrant down through history would have loved to introduce this kind of legislation. But its none of them, its John Key’s National Party, pushing legislation through the house initiated by Judith Collins and finished off by Amy Adams.

National voters are the most blind people in the land. Thanks to them we have the RMA, the TOW, $330 million spent on bike paths, even more intrusive and Fascist Health and Safety legislation, our traditional European culture crushed under a tidal wave of Asian immigrants, a cheating sly dishonest program to destroy our traditional flag, govt expenditure closing on $100 billion p.a. and debt rising proportionately, (for just a few off the top of my head examples) and I keep getting told “I only voted for them because they’re better than the other mob”.

Well can’t they see they’re no different? They might drive the train slower BUT ITS THE SAME DAMN TRAIN.. on the same damn track, en route to the same damn destination.

That the weak little multi-culti PC lamer David Seymour has managed to raise the guts to vote against this tyranny must alert even the most slavering National party sycophant as to how bad this legislation is.


FFS, there are thousands of people out there who DESERVE to be subjected to offense, who deserve to be harassed, who deserve to be denigrated, and most of them sit in our houses of parliament. This legislation is designed to take that right away.

This is legislation that panders to the worst in our society and it is written by mis-educated poncing political thugs who have no real idea how to write law, with the extremely subjective phrase “grossly offensive to any reasonable person” being a stand out example of their inability.

The MSM is of course right behind this tyranny when if they were doing their damn job it would have been laughed at and thrown out of the house when it was first presented. As an example of legislation that a modern free western democracy would never entertain.

But no, its there and about to become a reality.

Without a doubt we are being ruled by an oligarchy of liars, cowards, deceivers and tyrants, determined to make our western democracies perfect replicas of the failed Soviet Union.

15 thoughts on “Only one man standing against this National Party atrocity

  1. Generally true enough but there is a difference between the Labour and National train in that, while destruction awaits either way, with National driving people think they are travelling first class.

    It will be interesting to see how the rabid lefties get around the reasonable test when they are abusive. This may backfire.


    • I think your faith in the impartiality of law enforcement is quite touching. When you discover that the “justice system” has been thoroughly subverted by the Hard Left, you may be quite hurt. Keep close to family so that they can comfort you in those difficult times.

      Why in Britain has Anjem Choudary been given a free pass for all his hate speech, yet the Northern Irish Pastor who says that Islam is not from the One True God is being done for “hate speech”? These days law enforcement is selective and partial. There are enough laws to criminalise anyone “they” (ie the Hard Left Establishment) wish to dispose of. George Orwell’s Nineteen Eightyfour was not a warning, it is a textbook.


  2. Unbelievable. I never heard about this until reading about it here, now. Why even go there, enaching such nebulous legislation ?

    No surprises with Judith Collins being involved. She is the most overrated National MP since Katherine Rich. Never mind, she keeps the juices of the old men over at NoMinister flowing.


    • This has the potential to be even more damaging than article 17c in Australia which is the legislation they used to convict Andrew Bolt. Just disgusting and so many people who made a fuss about Helen Clark’s EFB are silent on this. Why? Its at least as bad and possibly even worse.

      All these National Party fuckwits do is open the door for the next socialist govt. Just imagine how some of the Labour party will use this legislation when they sleaze their way back into power.


      • Much much worse. And remember Key raised benefits even more than Helen ever did?

        And the next government — like this one — will be communist rather than socialist.

        But that’s not so bad. People had less surveillance and paid less tax in the GDR in 1960 than in NZ today.


  3. Powerful article Red and 100% true. The Conservatives may not have been perfect, but they were a vehicle, perhaps our only vehicle by which to make a political stand against the Nat/Lab/Green orthodoxy.

    If you want to read something that will make your skin crawl -

    “Peseta Sam MP” busy rewriting history and telling us “Muslims have been a part of New Zealand’s economic, cultural and social fabric since the 1800s”


  4. That POS Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga is one of the most dangerous Marxist fools we have in the NZ parliament.

    BTW, back a week or so ago when you read this comment, you were perfectly right in your assumption as to whom I was talking about.

    I see where that lying coward Grief claimed to have read it before it was edited. That’s an outright lie. It was never edited until some days after it was posted and only after your exchange on Kiwiblog when I added the words “fake conservative” just to make it more obvious.

    Grief is just lying worthless prog scum EAD and not worth excrement. The kind of odious lowlife that today, Farrar apparently welcomes on his blog.


    • If a person like Grief didn’t exist, you’d have to make him up! Like the fake conservative, he is riddled with his own inconsistencies that one can only assume he is a morally bankrupt, low-IQ troll who lives an incredibly boring existence. I did find it highly amusing though that he stalks your blog so you’ve obviously still got him worried.

      Like yourself, I don’t know if I’ll be on Commieblog much longer – it’s turning into a festival of National brown nosers cheering on every single progressive policy going…as long as it is National doing it. They would be in uproar if it was Labour dismantling our nation.


  5. ”As New Zealand Muslims celebrate Ramadan, some may be thinking of relatives elsewhere in the world. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their families at this important time,” Mr Lotu-Iiga says.

    Im sure their (muzzies) thoughts and preyers are with sam and all his dumarse friends and family at this time of ramamadingdong as well.What an absolute idiot saying that islam has been part of New Zealand society since the 1800’s , i can’t find any evidence of islam associations in New Zealand up until the late 80’s in Mt Eden’s islamic assn in New North Road.This idiot is a minister of the crown ffs!


    • Since the 1800’s?? Great! Then it’s a good argument for keeping their numbers limited to those levels… i.e. statistically insignificant.

      Seriously, the more of them there are, the more they throw their weight around. It’s a militant religion that seeks domination over non-Moslems and is simply incompatible with Western liberalism. (To leftists: that means women’s equality, “gay” rights, secular values, and such. Don’t come with this “Islam is a wonderful religion” when you hate Christianity so much. Try to not be full of crap for once, ok)


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