The chart the communists behind our failed education system don’t want you to see

The rise in the costs of public education has only had one real effect and that is to increase the number of students who think socialism is a good idea. Govt funded schools are Progressive brainwashing centers, not educational facilities. (This chart refers to the US but most Western education systems follow the same destructive pattern.)


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  1. Completely and utterly unaffordable – but as you say, state funded schools, hospitals, pensions, and if course the dole do nothing but inculcate communism.

    That’s why it all needs to stop now: not stop for new entrants, not switch to charters or academies (although that’s clearly an improvement) but all government spending on this sort of crap must stop immediately. In the US at least, it is clearly unconstitutional by a plain reading of the Constitution.

    Or, well, we can all end up in Athens sooner or later:


  2. It won’t stop. Nothing will stop until we get rid of the currently ascendant tyrannical progressive media/ political bloc. Their grip must be broken and they must be sent back to the swamps they crawled out of.


  3. If you ever get the chance, read John Taylor Gatto’s books on this subject.

    In particular his book “weapons of mass instruction” that shows how Rockefeller and his cronies turned the America schools system into a Prussian model to churn out dependent, unthinking consumers and an overall dumbing-down of the general population. Most children used to finish schooling age 10-12 with a level of cognitive ability far exceeding most modern “uni” students.

    Our children and civilisation as a whole have been betrayed by the unholy Marxist/Cronyist alliance.


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