Mark Levin spells out the Communist plan most Western politicians are too meek to confront

If you guys are like me, you don’t have the time to watch videos or listen to podcasts, (on the net anyway) and that’s why I only post them here when I think they have some special worth. This is a monologue by Mark Levin where he lays the whole damn disgusting Obama/ Marxist strategy out in plain simple and clear terms that even the dope headed cultural Marxists cowards and other assorted left wing scum National Party supporters who dominate Kiwiblog could understand. (but that said, they probably won’t)

This isn’t just the US. The same game is being played across the West.

Its why we’re losing and they’re winning. Its why the National party and the Republicans and the UK Conservatives are such weak clueless cowards and incompetents barely distinguishable from their extreme left opposition.

Key for example, Obama’s best friend and golfing buddy, who only holds power and retains a high degree of popularity because of his servile cowardly pandering to that part of the population who caused Greece to collapse.

That part of the population sucked in by the Progressive’s whining about “racism”. That part of the population sucked in by the Progressive’s whining about “offence”. That part of the population sucked in by the Progressive’s claims that all of our traditions and customs are despicable attempts to suppress and exploit the “underprivileged”.

If there’s a divisive issue out there the left have dreamed up, the FITH Nats can’t wait to subscribe to it.

If you already know what’s going on then its possible you don’t need to listen to this monologue. But if you’re just not sure about what’s happening, and why our slide into the primeval ooze of Progressivism seems so unstoppable, then please give it a hearing.

I borrowed it from the Right Scoop. If you don’t have that site as a bookmark, and you’re interested in seeing the fatal disease of Progressivism curbed and eliminated,  you should have.

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7 replies

  1. I read ‘Rules for Radicals” about five years ago – borrowed from a friend, because I could see that, somehow, Obama was a badass. Having read it, it became obvious to me then that Obummer was following his menotr’s plan to the letter. The guy is a disaster, and 70% of Americans can’t see it.
    The USA has sunk into tyranny already, through the SCOTUS determining the law – not the people.
    Sad days.


  2. That 2nd sentence in the first paragraph is priceless. There really are some drug addled commies infesting NZs right wing blogosphere at the moment.


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