Trump must have missed the surrender memo from RINO headquarters

donald-trumpI’m not that enthusiastic about Donald Trump because I view him as pretty much a Progressive. He’s also had very close ties to the Democrat party over the years.

That said, I still see him as a better candidate than Jeb Bush and many of the others. However he’d be a long way behind candidates like Cruz and Walker.

I watched Cruz interviewed by communist propagandist Katie Couric the other day. It wasn’t really an interview. All that happened was that Couric  bombarded Cruz with the usual series of far left Democrat talking points. Its just so indicative of how corrupt the media is that all we can ever expect from them is the same old same old far left crap. Nobody asks Cruz or Walker or anyone any questions from a non-Democrat perspective. 30% of the interview was on the myth of man made climate change.

However Cruz said something quite compelling during the session. “Don’t look at what candidates promise. They always try to be more Conservative when running for office. Once elected, they turn their backs on Conservatives and pander to liberals/ progressives. What you need to look at is their record. What they have done in the past that proves they really are what they say they are.”

That’s good advice, and using it, I’d be wary of Trump. However enough of the negatives. The guy has something the Republicans have been lacking for years, and that is FIGHT. He doesn’t lie down and surrender to the left and their MSM soldiers as has been the habit of Republicans for decades. (and the National Party, and the UK Conservatives and almost every other such party have done for decades) He doesn’t pander to a so called center that has been deceitfully presented by the media as further left every year.

When the whiny Canadian liberal Neil Young protested that Trump had used his songs without permission, Trump came straight back at him. Posting material on twitter that showed Young up as a fool and a hypocrite. When Univision and NBC, promoters of Miss USA, withdrew from engagement with the Donald because of Trumps remarks considered insulting to Mexican immigrants, Trump sued them for $500 million for breach of contract.

Trump’s actions indicate he’s more of a fighter than anyone else on the non-Democrat side of US politics. (not forgetting Scott Walker’s real struggles in Wisconsin.) He’s a breath of fresh air compared to John “reach across the isle” McCain and George “leave no child behind” Bush. In fact he’s in this perspective a breath of fresh air right across the race for the Republican nomination. It will be interesting to see if he can keep up the aggressive return of serve. He probably doesn’t know yet just how bad it will get.

Video- Ted Cruz on Donald Trump




10 thoughts on “Trump must have missed the surrender memo from RINO headquarters

  1. Id be happy if it was Trump, he could pull America up and lay the foundation for a better Washington. You can’t compare him to our Key and even if socially he has a neutral effect, he would most certainly have an impact fiscally. Could the US go straight to a Cruz?


    • With him actually standing this time it may impact on the other candidates in a positive way especially with Trump not being aligned to a party.
      Hopefully he will force others to front up.


  2. I saw an interview the other day with Ann Coulter in which she said that she thought he was the one that would win (she didn’t mention whether she endorsed him though, which I don’t think she would). I also saw an article yesterday that speculated that the reason Trump has been so supportive of the Democrats in the past is that it might have been part of doing business with those – look at Univision for instance.

    Not too sure about the business excuse or his views on tariffs etc, but he’s certainly making all the right noises regarding immigration


    • Yes, I think his business dealings may explain his closeness to the Democrats. Not sure though that being friends with politicians as a prerequisite for doing well in business is by any means a good thing. However it seems to be the accepted norm more and more these days.


  3. The circus that is American elections.

    At the end of the day it will be Clinton or Bush, both family names have been disgraced but that will make no difference.


    • Can’t believe what I’m seeing. 🙂

      A Republican Presidential candidate who actually refuses to pander and crawl to the left, but actually fights back strongly??

      What’s the bet the cowards and surrender monkeys running the Republican Party hang him out to dry.

      Just like the National Party here in NZ, they can’t wait to pander and suck up to the left and will disown anyone who doesn’t subscribe to that strategy.

      So sick of their political cowardice.

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      • “What’s the bet the cowards and surrender monkeys running the Republican Party hang him out to dry.” No doubt they will until then It will be interesting to watch, :).


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