Racism Wah Wah Wah (Part 2)

serveimage Re the endless cries of “racism” about in the media and other places recently-

It annoys hell out of me to see so many on the so called right (here in NZ anyway) using left wing language and unknowingly adopting Progressive strategies that will in the long run help the left defeat them.

Are the right really that naive that they think the left’s concern with “racism” is driven by real concerns for some among us who may be of different colour or race and disadvantaged?

They need to wake up. The left, or Progressives, do not use the word racism for that reason. They do not make racism an issue in society for that reason.

The left use the word and concept of racism as a political tool. Its objective is to divide us into groups. To make us fight among ourselves. To become preoccupied with matters that are not important and be distracted from matters that are important.

To weaken us and destabilise us as a society, and thereby enable them to press on with their plan for complete political dominance.

A black man is President of the US. Many positions within our public and private institutions are held by blacks. There is no real discrimination against blacks.

The discontent with Chinese purchasing most of Auckland’s available real estate is not because of their race. If it was Eskimos or Latvians or Greeks or whoever coming here and driving housing prices sky high they would attract the same opprobrium as the Chinese. It is the purchases that are the problem.

Racism is a concept pushed by Progressives today to ensure they have a smoother path to the political power they obsess over. They push a whole barrow of similarly divisive concepts with the same objective.

That so many on the right fail to acknowledge this simple truth is yet another reason as to why they are losing so badly. Their thinking is just so trammeled by LW conditioning they cannot see this most obvious ploy, and how they are so constantly being used. How they are buying in to the very strategies designed to defeat them. Very disappointing.

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