Dave and John have a telephone conversation

D & J on phoneD: Hi John

J: Hi Dave.

D: The conference is going well.

J: Yes, Michelle was right when she said it was tidy. We’ve managed to crush every last whimper of dissent in the ranks. All go on the flag. Damn poncy Conservative godwhacks!

D: God. Ooops, I mean Good. What can I do for you?

J: What do your polls say about Auckland housing?

D: It looks like Labour’s moaning about thousands of cashed up commies from the PRC exploiting NZ’s lax overseas purchase laws might win them a few points with the chattering classes. Even in Parnell.

J: OK, well, we’re going to head them off with some feel good shit that should bring the polling back our way.

D: What’s that?

J: Oh just the usual smoke and mirrors crap. You know we can’t reduce immigration. That would be the end of our “good economic managers” stunt. And there’s those Chinese donors as well. Not to mention the Real estate guys. So we’ll just make some noise.

D: I get it. Something that makes it look as if we’re doing something but really does nothing.

J: Exactly. We’ll introduce some of the usual poorly written legislative crap and tell the punters it will make immigrants keener to go to country centers.

D: Excellent. Who thought of that?

J: I did Dave. You know that. I think of everything.

D: Yes, OK, of course. But why won’t the PRC immigrants go to the country?

J: Hell Dave, these are people who have been living under the yoke of Communism all their lives. You think they give a damn about regulation?

D: I get it John. They’ll just fill in the right forms, laugh their heads off and go live in Auckland anyway.

J: You’re on to it Dave. We’ve checked it out with our donors already. The real estate guys are sweet too. Give it a couple of weeks and then call me with a poll update.

D: Sure will John. In the meantime, Cam and I will smear Labour as much as we can. We just love using those word “racist”, and “xenophobic”. So damn easy, and we don’t even have to think about a rational argument.

J: OK, excellent work. I see those dumb MSM bastards are all running the same line too.

D: Yeah, they’re eating out of our hands.

J: OK, bye Dave. Keep up the good work. Oh, wait, will I see you at the fundraiser at Bill Liu’s place?

D: I’ll be there. Someone mentioned Bill might be on that Chinese most wanted list.

J: He was actually, but I’ve fixed it. Those Chicom Generals in Beijing owe me a few favours.

D: You’re a genius John.

J: OK, make sure Cam doesn’t turn up at Bill’s, I can’t be seen with that tub of lard for a while yet.

D: I’ll fix it John. BTW, I lost another 2kg this month.

J: Great work. How’s the hair loss treatment going?

D: Given up on that. Hey, one thing, can you see that my March account is paid, its still outstanding.

J: Gotta go Dave, Hillary is on the other line. Wants some advice on dealing with Trump. See you at Bill’s place.


19 thoughts on “Dave and John have a telephone conversation

      • Ta. Another bloke on the take aye???

        There is another blog spot that I have strong suspicions are on the payroll. I won’t name names here, I’ll leave it for ya’ll to figure out


          • r1016132nzblogger, you got me, I only know a few blogs. But while I’m on the topic, I’m pretty sure Griff on kiwiblog is on the payroll. He’s one of those constantly shoving global warming taxes and euthanasia down people’s throats. Fortunately though he has taken a big step back on global warming taxes after I showed him time after time, these global warming taxes are not doing a jolly thing to help the environment. So EAD, if you still are having difficulty with Griff, take a look at how meatloaf on kiwiblog has taken Griff down, then bring up the global warming tax, and see what he has to say for himself.

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  1. Sidesplitting funny – great way to start the week although depressingly accurate! Keep holding the b*st*rds to account Reddy:

    Favourite lines:

    – “I get it. Something that makes it look as if we’re doing something but really does nothing.”

    – “OK, well, we’re going to head them off with some feel good shit that should bring the polling back our way”

    – “Oh just the usual smoke and mirrors crap. You know we can’t reduce immigration. That would be the end of our “good economic managers” stunt.,,,,,,So we’ll just make some noise”

    – “We just love using those word “racist”, and “xenophobic”. So damn easy, and we don’t even have to think about a rational argument.”

    The Gnats modus operandi is so blatant yet still the drones don’t see they are being played like a fiddle. The drones moan and complain about as they get pissed all over by their party with things like scaffolding laws yet still convince themselves that JK is on their side.

    Their cognitive dissonance they must suffer is mind boggling when they are constantly forced to defend all sorts of radical left wing policies (mass immigration, “green policies”, flag change, gay marriage etc.) from rational argument from those on the right.

    PS: Got to laugh at the GD progressive bottom feeders who spend their time on your blog looking for comments they don’t approve of. Their faux outrage says much more about them than they realise……


    • That dirty little straw chewing hillbilly Nasska you mean? On GD everyday with the same obsessive narcissistic refrain. “The god botherers are trying to force me to do things I don’t want to..wah wah wah!!!

      When really no one gives a damn about him and his run down backwoods hideout with his ever preggers sister and all of the twelve fingered kids running about.

      He’s like one of those endless cassette tapes you used to find on answering machines. Fits in pretty much with the Kommieblog crowd tho. If they’re not kissing Key’s arse they’re running down Christianity or pretending to be Indians while they jump from one side of the political divide to the other depending on what brings them the most attention.

      I really don’t know why the few sane ones there bother. Who needs to combat line after line of narcissistic drivel from the Christchurch psychopath broken only by the idiocy of Arab losers like Kea, the brain damaged Grief and the manchild Stephieboy? And that’s only when the conversation isn’t focused on Penny Bright. Its got so bad she frequently seems to be one of the more sane voices on there.


      • I post at KB occasionally but I rarely engage with the many trolls and spammers that reside there. The signal-to-noise ratio over there seems to be increasing exponentially. GD is just a sea of regurgitated crap and it’s becoming too tiring to swim through just to reach the odd nugget or gem.


    • The Key/ Farrar combination hasn’t been working so well lately. For example wrong on the favourablity of the flag change project, and wrong on gauging the feeling about the Auckland situation. Farrar was also badly wrong on Trump “imploding” too. Its that same old progressive bubble they live in.


  2. Don’t want to be a nay sayer.

    But as a Country we are in deep do do’s

    The state of our manhood is also in big trouble.

    How did we get to this, a bunch of Nancy boys and special interest groups running the Country.


  3. So, as I was saying, the book I’m going to write probably will have a chapter or two explaining how the legal system looks at things. For instance CYFs used to have on their building (until of course I let it out on kiwiblog), our children are our greatest treasure, ministry of social development. This means the state sees your child as a future tax payer and that’s it, that’s why they must develop the child socially.

    Now after nailing that hard to people. The point to this, is make sure when you date, you are very careful and very critical. If she is a manipulator, then if you decide one day this isn’t for me, she has the law on her side, unless you pick it up quickly and just dump her. So the point to this, is don’t marry a manipulator. But how can you know this for sure. All women have needs, and if they want things to be different, their are 182 ways they will address this. And so the question is, are you happy with the way the person you are dating is addressing their disappointment.

    Do they know how to negotiate. Do they listen to why you do things a certain way? Because ultimately what they are not getting is what they want. And some women will play head games, and others know how to be fair. While others pretend to be happy, and their disappointment gets even worse, till one day they can’t take it anymore.

    But that’s just one wheel of variables. Their are 9 other wheels of variables which interconnect with that one wheel of variables. I’ve been using this method for years and years, and have yet to be in a situation where I didn’t know what to do, I have yet to meet someone who didn’t fit into one of those categories. 70% of the time, when I play my games back, they come crawling back to me, which is why I have 6 stalkers, 3 of which came from 1 year. The other 30% of the time, I know that it won’t be a happy relationship, and when I look at the way I’ve classified them, I throw up, and don’t need to drink diesel to get over them (diesel is a form of woodstock).

    So I know that you’re probably thinking yeah right, but I have explained a bit of the method to others, and they say well that explains my situations, or that is how us women think.

    For instance, I explained ‘the grounding approach’, that some girls are grounded in friendship, and if its solid, works out fine, they take the next step, they give little clues that they want more. And these women who I’ve described say that the safe way to do it. If they aren’t interested then no harm, because its not too obvious that I’m in love. But at the same time if something’s really their something will come out of it.

    So this is one of the approaches that non manipulators do. They pick well, by taking them time, and give you friendship.

    Anyhow, this is just the short version of what the book is about, and the whole family court. If you’re totally lost, I might be able to explain things better, although at the same time, I want to keep what this movement is about sort of secret, but giving you an idea. And their is a part of the movement which I haven’t said anything about, once the book comes out everything will be clear, and we can take action.

    I’m also wanting to push for the merit based pension. Which says those who’ve been on the DPB for 20 years won’t get anywhere near the same pension as an engineer who’s never been unemployed. Your pension should be based on your overall contribution. That is how it started in the 1930s, until they changed the rules to a universal pension, for those on the DPB. Going back to a merit based pension will help put a stop to these impossible ladies who take advantage of the DPB.

    But ultimately men knowing the law isn’t on their side, means they will only proceed once they know they are not dating a manipulator. Best of all, everything about these principles and my experiences over the last 20 years agrees with the book of Proverbs. Sorry if I hogged up to much space.

    Part 3.


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