Flag change- the video that exposes John Key as a watery eyed charlatan

As I watched the original version of this video, its patronising tone, its deceit, and the complete and utter bias angered me considerably. So I chopped it up and put my own comments in there to balance John Key’s obsequious selling of his marketing logo flag designs.

I find it astonishing that the office of PM could be used to put out such misleading propaganda. I mean, one expects a little self serving stuff from the Nationals, but Key’s video, with its errors of fact and its rank distortions, is just straight out BS of a kind that is unbecoming to the office of the PM of New Zealand.

This man has no regard for our culture and heritage. He’s a vain charlatan whose only ambition is to embed his name in the country’s history. He pimps for what he calls democracy and patriotism and the same time as his progressive political policies send our country deep into debt, destroy its future and provide the good chance that it will eventually fall into the hands of the Chicom Generals.

However, what this video shows is not only Key’s lack of respect for the people who built this country from the early 1800s onward, but for plain and simple truth. He’s lying to all of NZ and he’s doing it without a skerrick of shame.

Its not time for a change of flag, its time for a change of PM. This weak patronising deceitful and manipulative charlatan has to go.

Video length = 3 minutes 47 seconds

28 thoughts on “Flag change- the video that exposes John Key as a watery eyed charlatan

    • Thanks KG.

      Key is lying through his teeth on this and more people need to know it.

      Mind you the Key sycophancy abroad in the country is hard to believe. How can so many be so easily sucked in by this narcissistic little scheming socialist liar?


  1. What can I say Key like all Politicians are just passing through, they are yesterdays men.

    My Daughter saw the short list of new flags and her immediate comment was, ” I knew it just more Maori bullshit”.

    What could I say I was speechless, given my Maori heritage.

    But it is bullshit just like the rigged constitution, non debate. Where the conclusion was that more “education” was required in schools to educate people about the importance of the TOW.

    I curse the fool who found it half eaten by rats in a cupboard. It should have gone out with the rubbish.

    The constitution debate has now been put off, simply because the people of New Zealand did not want the TOW incorporated.

    We should have had the vote on change first. Now less than 50% will vote for a new design and a flag picked by about 15% of total voters will be pushed through as inclusive of all New Zealanders. Everybody who does not vote will be deemed to have voted for change.

    Something as important as a flag change should require 75% of all eligible voters and a non vote is a vote for the status quo.

    Heading off overseas on holiday.


  2. “Something as important as a flag change should require 75% of all eligible voters and a non vote is a vote for the status quo.”

    Yes, fair enough.

    The whole system is rigged and the horrible little poseur and con man John Key is the one behind the rigging.

    And the starry eyed NZ public are going to let the shyster get completely away with it.


  3. A number of things here, the 2nd flag had the union jack, our current flag has the union jack, what do these two things have in common, the union jack. 2ndly in regards to the constitution debate, the questions left no room for a limit on taxes. America’s constitution was straightforward these are the taxes you are allowed, no other taxes allowed. But the NZ constitution debate didn’t allow for anything like that except at the very end you could make additional comments. And why are they wanting to get rid of the union jack? Most of the other candidate flags have no union jack on it. And the one that does is butt ugly.


    While we have the union jack on our flag, and while MPs must swear to serve the queen, common law exists. Common law says you cannot be prosecuted unless you harmed someone, and if you have harmed someone you get trial by jury. All other crimes are you not keeping your end of the contract. Every other law is contract or social contract.

    And the reason most people don’t know that is because of the adhesive contractual conditions. A DVD has a copyright emblem on it. No you aren’t buying the DVD, you are buying the right to be able watch the DVD. That C symbol means the true owner of the DVD is retaining his right to copy. That’s why it says this is licensed for home use only. You are buying the license to watch in your home, you cannot go to the pub and charge people to watch.

    So with any crime you commit no matter what it is, it is you not keeping to your side of the agreement, or you harming someone. For example, drive in a law dictionary means to be paid to drive passengers or cargo. So by saying I want to drive and asking for their permission (that’s what a licence is) to do so, once you get it, you have agreed you will use the roads like a professional. And that’s what gives them the right to fine you. Or even the financial advisers act, which fines unlicensed financial advisers. It defines a financial adviser as someone who makes money out of financial advise. So if I give financial advise to a friend with no charge, I’m not in trouble.

    Now if the queen is no longer our monarch, common law no longer exists. And they can make ridiculous laws and that is it. We have some protection currently, but no protection if the union jack comes off, unless they write up a real constitution which puts a limit on government, and the new constitution is the TPP, which gives unlimited power to big corporations and makes everybody pretty much a slave.


    • America’s constitution was straightforward these are the taxes you are allowed

      America’s constitution also bans welfare and benefits, guarantees Republican government, requires all Citizens to own guns and be in the militia, and forbids gay marriage.

      A constitution doesn’t mean anything unless the right people are interpreting it.


  4. Brand Key is reaching its use by date so this must be pressing indeed.

    Meatloaf is correct but the legal system looks after its own so the reality is that being technically correct won’t save you. Our serfdom just may become more blatant when common law is replaced with regulations. A legal dictionary is a wonderful thing to clarify what words mean as opposed to what the lords want you to think they mean. Ignorance is no defence.

    Key doesn’t have a good grasp of vocabulary – he reminds me of G W Bush sometimes. It is, on the world stage, a big minus in my view.


    • Got unfollowed on Twitter this morning by Rachel Glucinia. (I’m suicidal of course)

      Quite a few Key sycophants are upset by this post. The reality is I could not see Key as anything but an insincere manipulative liar even if I tried.

      This country is so awash in deceit the people can’t handle truth anymore.


    • Brown, on the Conservative under a different name, I told you about David E Robinson books. This is the sort of stuff it teaches. The reason they don’t want you to know that is because of a contract you signed is because duress makes a contract null and void, and further it would prove that the bankers own the whole law system, and they don’t want people to know that, do they.

      So if you are accussed of a crime, and you know how it has to do with a contract you signed if you go and early on show that you were under duress, they can’t do a thing to you. But if you don’t bring it up, they have a right to presume that you are not under duress. This is the difference between uniform commercial code, and contract law. If its a court under UCC, by not stating you were under duress you had your chance mate.

      But a lawyer is a court officer. So if they want your children for instance, your lawyer is an officer of the court and an agent of the BAR (british accredited regency). The Northland District court is in Northland but a branch of the British banks. Not the queen, the red shield knights templar banks. And a barister makes an oath in allegiance to these banks to put their interests and the states first, and yours 2nd. In fact in America the BAR is a guild of the communists. And if your a freemason they won’t do a thing to you.

      So Brown I know exactly what your saying, but its the barister who won’t save you, they are meant to distract you from dealing directly with your obligations, and they earn money out of doing so. But yes, if you deal with the actual contract itself. Satisfy directly with whoever you owe, and if you were under duress say so, that is the way you win. And the UCC term for duress is when you put without prejudice on whatever you signed. Without prejudice means you are not bound by anything you signed, unless you were fully informed of it. Anyway please don’t take this as legal advice, if you read books about it, it will explain how to do it properly. If you don’t know what your doing you could get in big trouble.

      Actually on that note, one book that explains how the BAR is owned by bankers is this book, and I’m the one who wrote the review.


      The review will make you shake.


  5. Good suggestion over on Kiwiblog (I know a rarity).

    For the first referendum, rather than spoil ballot or voting for an ugly design.
    Remove identifiable info from ones postal ballot and instead freepost it to PM’s office with comments.

    Just need to spread the word to get critical mass, which is more difficult given we don’t have the taxpayers dime to spend.


  6. Notional tried this under Shipley. Saatchi and Saatchi were involved then and are involved again. This really is about a corporate rebranding of this country. Key and his cronies need to be given a very clear message. Hands off our heritage, its not yours to play with.


  7. Canada changed its flag back in 1965. It was an absolutely excellent choice for the country. NZ should have done the same back then, or in the late 80s under Lange. Frankly the need to change the flag is one of the few things Key is right about — as is the choice of the Sliver Fern, NZ’s version of the Red Maple or the Norfolk Island Pine.

    Look at the logos for every damn govt dept. Look at your passport. Look at every NZ sports team. Look at the war graves from WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, all the rest. Back to the Boer War:

    Key should have had the guts to do the right thing and just change the flag to the fern. Done.

    As for Key: raising taxes? raising benefits? paying more to teachers? panicking about “housing affordability”? slush funds for farmers? paying of smelters and unions? no privatisation? self-defence? cops without guns? the pathetic “flag change process”? pulling ponytails?? those are good reasons to get rid of Key.


  8. Well done Red. Very powerful and a good take-down off that patronising, Grade A ass-wipe.

    Watching him speak like that makes my skin crawl – Key’s gotta go.


    • Not much use trying to tell the Kommiebloggers EAD. John Key is to them as Helen Klark is to the Standard.

      They’d prefer not to know when Key was conning them. They wouldn’t want to watch that video in case they discovered some truth in there that made them uneasy.

      And as long as they’ve got food on the table and change in their pocket they’ll continue that craven worship.

      A collection of blinkered and lame multi-culti socialists and progressives selling out our country and its future to keep their delusions alive.


      • Unfortunately, you’re probably correct there Red.

        Full of brain dead morons who ruefully complain every time he gives them a golden shower in the hope that next time “we’ll see the real John Key”

        Labour must like the situation secretly. All the radical policies they would have liked to enact being cheered on by those whom would’ve been their most vocal opponents if it was Labour enacting it.


        • The Dim-Post is an extreme left wing blog and it recently ran a post saying how great it was that National had adopted most of the left’s social and economic policies.

          Even when the enemy is cheering for them, these turkeys don’t get it.

          BTW EAD, look up the “Dunning Kruger” effect for a perfect explanation of what drives that retard Grief.


        • Actually EAD, deep down they like it. However in Parliament Jacinda Ardern said the process should have even less stages, to save money. But you know the real reason is so that it will be easier to implement.


          • Yeah of course it should. Governments are supposed to govern. Key should have just changed the fcking flag, showed some actual leadership for once.

            As it is most of the people who oppose the flag change are communist Clarkists who are upset Key will get his “legacy”. Sorry but your constitutional historical arguments are doing nothing except advantage Labour/Greens — not just Marxists like Key, but Maoists / Khmer Rouge (Kiwi Rouge) I guess.


  9. Just of note, Key would be 2nd Generation, not 1st Generation (I am first generation and my kids are second). I agree with your above arguments (I am in favour of retaining the flag, as it’s the flag, not a logo, and this is a country, not a corporation with a marketing department wanting to change the logo every few years to keep things ‘fresh’). Damn stupid situation.


  10. Sounds like sour grapes to me. People seem to hate any change, no matter how small. Degenerating the Prime Minister for doing what he believes in, is small mindedness. Look at yourself before you belittle others, and having a go at where his ancestors come from to prove he is not a true Kiwi, is also childish. He was voted in as the Prime Minister by the majority. That alone should give him a bit of leeway to do what he feels is right for New Zealanders. My family has a hell of a history when it comes to ancestry, but that does not make us any less of a Kiwi. The New Zealand public get too much say in the governing of the country. Let the Government do their job and you do yours instead of looking for something to complain about.


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