The faux liberalism of Cameron Slater and other Progressives

(note for American readers- In Australia, the Democrats are the Labor Party, and the Republicans are the Liberal Party. Broadly speaking. Yeah, I know. Its utterly crazy.)

This is a post not so much about same sex marriage as about the false claim that its supporters are “liberals” in the political sense.

NZers can watch the Australian version of Q and A on the net, and I often do so, even though in most cases it angers me so much I have to turn it off. Last night I didn’t turn if off because Brendan O’Neill was on. I doubt he will be invited back again as he nailed the faux liberalism of Progressive ideology again and again.

Much to the chagrin of the left, mostly in the form of Tony Jones, the presenter, and the two other far left guests Richard DiNatali, (Greens leader)  and Sam Dastyari (Labour). IMHO two of the most odious and repugnant politicians in Australia. (and that is saying something)

In fact Brendan even got right up the nose of Liberal MP Kelly O’Dwyer, another hopeless wet weak Progressive imposter to Liberal Party values who like Malcolm Turnbull should have gone and joined the Labor party years ago. It was great to watch.

The above video is Brendan’s answer to a question on same sex marriage, wherein he nails so perfectly the truth that its advocates are most often not the “classic” liberals and free thinkers they pass themselves off as but vicious intolerant medievalists. As Cameron Slater and other faux liberals in NZ have so aptly demonstrated, when acting exactly as Brendan describes, they denigrated and labeled as bigots anyone and everyone who voiced an opinion different to theirs.

Enough from myself, watch the video and hear what Brendan has to say. He speaks on the issue so well that even the stacked ABC audience has to applaud.

Video length = 2 minutes 8 seconds

11 thoughts on “The faux liberalism of Cameron Slater and other Progressives

  1. Yep, very good. He will need re-education of course because he doesn’t fit the mould. Still, I think there is going to be a backlash at some point and that may see the progressives sat on their arses.


  2. Hit it for 6 again Red. So few people left in this country have the brains and intelligence to dissect what is really going on through all the constant noise and misinformation they have to wade through. Much easier for them to keep their heads down rather than risk the wrath of the liberal orthodoxy.

    O’Neill has been calling the gay marriage totalitarians out for a while:


    • Now EAD, remember what I told you defines a marriage license. As far as the government is concerned, family is defined as a place where the children can get raised, in the way the state wants them to get raised. CYF, Child Youth Family, this means the family is about the development of child and youth, there’s no adult, the government don’t care about the adults. That’s what ministry of social development means. Kids becoming adults. So in the case of relationship property, it is a no fault divorce, both get half, plus the man must also pay alimony. But before the settlement of property, the woman can declare domestic violence as the informant of the child. And the person taking care of the child is the guardian of the child according to the care of children act 2004.

      An informant is defined in my law dictionary as someone who gives information of a crime. In the book they own it all including you, they have a copy of the birth registration form, with the mother being the informant. So a family home, is a home for the family, as soon as the mother don’t want you around she can go to the family court and ask for a protection order and almost instantly its done, until you agree to settle, just look at the links below.

      So their’s a little more information I’ve dug, but you’ll see looking at the links how easy it is for the guardian of the child to say I need a protection order.

      Anyhow, I plan on doing something about it. If people find out how easy it is to lose their so called home, they might not invest in property except for silver, which won’t help the council with their rates, high house prices high rates. So yes their is something that can be done, but the point being marriage is defined by these people as being fit to raise a child in the way the state wants them to.

      And also another thing I will be pushing is a merit based pension. If the woman says this can’t work, the longer she’s on the DPB, the less pension she gets. So she’ll still be able to break up, but it won’t entirely help her. So their is a way people can fight back, but until people know how to fight in the world of money we will continue to get robbed in the world of money. But it all starts with people being outraged, and the reason the statistics for husbands being violent is so high, is the police collect fines off those who have money, and the guardian of the child is what they care about.


  3. Brendan’s comments show just how crippled the debate is. We get nothing like his unvarnished truth from all of the usual participants. Especially here in NZ where we are so starved for choice a lame Prog like Mike Hosking is criticised for being too right wing.

    Brendan also had some excellent things to say on feminism and taxes that confront the conventional wisdom on those issues just as his above ideas confront that wisdom on same sex marriage.

    I might put them up in the future.


  4. His Spiked website website IMHO is one of the best for an intellectual analysis of the hypocrisy and contradictions we see in today’s world. That and Mark Steyn are daily reads.

    Red – are there any other good NZ or Aus websites you’d recommend? One which actually dissects the issues rather than cheerleads for a political party?

    The partisan crap on KB has become cringe worthy – the recent postings on Canadian foreign investment and Dairy prices being particularly poor. At least not all commentators are brain dead and actually rebutted with the omitted truth but they are in the minority.

    PS: my comment seems to be in moderation still – I’d that due to posting links?


  5. You’re dead right about Brendan. He’s not exceptionally intellectual but its still too much for most of the political monkeys that abound in NZ and Australia. As for Kommieblog, forget it. Its a temple of worship for John Key end of story. I can’t stand all of that prog crap anymore.

    I see the comment you left linking to my John Key flag video garnered something like 28 down votes. Which is an example of how partisan things are there for as the video shows quite clearly, Key is stretching and distorting the truth.

    I notice nobody had the guts to actually enter into debate on the issue, just feverishly down ticking like the spineless whitebait they are.

    Sorry about your comment getting caught in the spam filter. Been busy and never had a chance to check it.

    I don’t read many NZ sites. Crusader Rabbit is the only one I read regularly. 100 days is of course a good site but like me Amy doesn’t update if very frequently.

    Terry at the Conservative was good value but he’s shut down for a while. Andrew Bolt is good in Australia. So is Quadrant. I’m actually reading a few left wing sites now in preference to the idiots on Kommieblog. There’s only so much of that fawning crap any sane person can take.

    I spend most of my time on twitter now. Have garnered over 1000 followers so far (1135 actually) and I find it much more informative and vibrant than blogs. Not many followers compared to many but its something that accelerates exponentially once you get going.

    Twitter is cutting edge. Most stuff on blogs gets there days after its been seen on twitter. And you don’t have to worry about cowardly little dobbers running to the headmaster. Like you do on Kiwiblog.

    Interesting how Solid Energy and Landcorp are in trouble. If only Key had sold them when he first gained power he would have been streets ahead. Too gutless of course and merely took the baton from Helen and ran on with it. Useless prog compromiser and looking more like an untrustworthy weasel as every day goes by. If only he’d had a few principles and a real desire to shrink govt.


  6. Mike Hosking and Larry Williams make me wanna throw up:(
    Chinese commie loving traitors imho , and the Slater might as well grow a ponytail and change his name to Charles Johnson , or just go back to the bedroom and live in his undies and socks.


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