Govt greed for more and more tax signals economic failure

One of the memes currently being pushed by the progressive mainstream media is the idea that not enough tax is collected from corporations. So we have this enthusiastic witch hunt where companies and individuals are named and shamed as not paying their “fair share”.

The real problem is that govts already take too much tax and by doing so they kill off the productive or tax producing sector and thereby compound their mistake.

The witch hunt and the naming and shaming is just another smokescreen for the failure of socialism. The true solution is that govts have to shrink in size and limit their spending and get off the private wealth producing sector’s back. Then they (govts) will have enough money and they won’t choke off the source of that money.

Simple right? Except that your average socialist is a light year away from understanding such basic economics and will pursue greater govt and more and more tax until the whole house of cards crashes around our ears. As its showing every sign of doing right now as I write.

Another video from Brendan O’Neill is above, and once again, in his most articulate manner, he crushes the arguments of the statists so well one has to ask, what the hell is wrong with the National Party that there is apparently nobody there that can likewise articulate these kind of arguments. Until there is, they’re useless.

Actually, in the broader sense, if the National Party can’t get Cultural Marxism, or Critical Theory, or understand that you can’t get more tax by endlessly raising taxes, then they’re worse than useless.

We need investment, wealth creation and economic growth. We’re not getting it because the National and Labour Parties, both examples of the cronyist all knowing all powerful socialist monoliths that exist right across the west, cling to social, taxation and regulatory policies that kill off all of those things.

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One thought on “Govt greed for more and more tax signals economic failure

  1. Too right Red, from 1787 to 1913, America had only 3 taxes, a tax on imported goods, a tax on domestic made goods and property. Their were only a few brief exceptions, for instance income tax during the civil war, but that was temporary. In every one of those years except for the war years, their was without exception a budget surplus. Then after they declared an income tax, they recklessly spent and their were deficits every year.

    If people think corporations aren’t paying enough, maybe its because income tax has loopholes ready waiting for those who can hire loophole experts. Lets just have a smaller and simpler income tax, one where their isn’t much incentive to get around it, and then raise whatever other tax, or cut whatever you have to cut .
    the middle class pay the bulk of income tax. The poor don’t pay much, the rich know how to minimise, so the bulk is going to the middle class. Or have a merit based pension, where you have taxes to cover the bare essentials, and then for the public education that you’ve received and the wff your parents have received on your behalf you pay that back with income tax. And once its all paid back, that goes into your account for emergencies and your pension, or you can just say I’ve paid off my debt to society, and never be required to pay income tax again.


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