Trump leads Bush in Florida, Hillary flounders

Trump 001Don’t let corrupt Marxist local (NZ) news services fill you full of lies about Donald Trump. Contrary to their wishful predictions that Trump will implode, he’s still increasing his support.

The latest Quinnipiac polls (released yesterday in the US) show he’s now polling higher than Jeb Bush in the key state of Florida, Bush’s home state. Trump has 21%, moving ahead of Bush (17%),  Marco Rubio and Ben Carson (11% each).

The real loser is Hillary Clinton. Long a favorite in Florida she is now down among the state’s Democrats, dropping to 48% from 64% on June. She is followed by followed Sanders (15%) and Biden (11%), with 17% undecided.

Florida voters also say Clinton is not “honest and trustworthy by a 64% to 32% margin. That’s also worse than June, when voters doubted Clinton’s integrity by 51% to 43%.

In General Election match ups in Florida, Bush tops Clinton 49% to 38% and Rubio leads 51% to 39% while Trump gets 43% to Clinton’s 41%.

In Pennsylvania, Trump leads among Republicans with 24%, followed by 13% for Carson and 10% for Rubio. In Ohio, Trump is stil losing to hometown boy Gov. John Kasich who  gets 27% of Republicans, with 21% for Trump and 7% each for Rubio and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

So while Trump is steaming onwards and upwards, there are unconfirmed reports that the “approved” GOP candidates are planning an “ad assault” against the favourite. This is at the same time as Trump is having to book football stadiums due to the crowds who want to hear him speak. One venue in Alabama was originally expecting 2000 but has been overwhelmed by demand and now expects around 30 to 40 thousand to attend the event.

While I myself remain unconvinced on Trump, I do note he seems to have hired some good advisors and is taking lessons from Ted Cruz and Mark Levin, and in his speeches has urged a return to the Constitution.

Critics are saying this ironic when his immigration plan, roughly the mass deportation of all illegal immigrants, is unconstitutional in that you cannot deport the parents of children born in the US. This claim is confronted by Constitutional scholars like Levin and Cruz who say this not at all what the 14th amendment says.