Brendan O’Neill- The New Dark Ages

Brendan O’Neill writes in the Australian (paid content) on the response to his appearance on Q and A last Monday-

The response to Q&A shows that gay marriage is not a liberal issue. Rather, what we have here is the further colonisation of public life by an elite strata of society — the chattering class — and the vigorous expulsion of all those who do not genuflect to their orthodoxies. Whether you’re a climate-change denier, a multiculturalism sceptic or, the lowest of the low, someone who believes in trad­itional marriage, you’re clearly mad and must be cast out.

The social impact of this illiberal liberalism will be dire.

A whole swath of society — the old, the religious, the traditionalist — will feel like moral lepers in their own country, silencing themselves lest they, too, be branded scum.

Sounds very much like Mr ONeill may have experienced the wrath of Kommieblog’s “liberals” at some time.

Note: Here is a link to the original article. Given that it is paid content, it may or may not work.

6 thoughts on “Brendan O’Neill- The New Dark Ages

  1. Hahaha,

    I’ve come across the “group of 5” on Kommieblog and what a pathetic bunch. Notice how the rest of the commentariat clears off when they form their circle jerk?

    Where O’Neil is wrong is in calling them “an elite”. Maybe the real opinion formers due to their infiltration of media and parliament circles move in rarefied air but I can guarantee you 95% of the followers were bullied at school.

    The “liberal” (read totalitarian) agenda is their chance to strike a blow back at the orthodoxy that they could not fit into.

    And the problem is…..the ascendency is with them


    • I’ve come across the “group of 5” on Kommieblog and what a pathetic bunch. Notice how the rest of the commentariat clears off when they form their circle jerk?

      Yes, one of the worst pack of liars and cowards on the NZ internet and David Farrar not only provides them with an outlet he protects them from the scorn they are due.

      However as you suggest, I think we have to be much more aware of what has been one of the left’s/ Progressive’s greatest frauds and that is their frequent projection that they represent the majority view on so many social issues.

      You can see them in Australia now trying to push that subterfuge on the issue of same sex marriage, just as they did in NZ. However at the same time as they say they represent the majority, they shrink from a referendum. That is proof they know they are lying when they say they represent the majority.

      As they do on so many other issues, they want the matter decided by a bunch of Canberra or Wellington or Washington based cronyist Progressives and not the voters. That they deny their reliance on big govt to achieve their unpopular aims, and promote themselves as liberals, libertarians Progressives etc proves their arrant embedded hypocrisy.


    • Lara, thanks for your comment. I apologise at not noticing it was caught up in the spam filter. (two links must have activated it)

      Yes, I am aware of Brendan’s weird background. Its hard to work out exactly where he is coming from when you look at his history.

      I wonder these days if he is not drifting further to the Conservative corner, given that his Marxist utterings seem to have faded away completely lately.


      • Brendon O’Neil is absolutely correct. It is ssm is wanting to be a statism thing. Marriage has to be between man and woman otherwise who brings children into the world? come on gay people live together no one cares but do not denigrate the real meaning of marriage. To procreate.


  2. I will not be voting for the Liberal party again due to the disgusting betrayal of our Prime Minister Tony Abbott who we voted for. Not Mr Turncoat whom I don’t like one bit and never have. Can you imagine him going up and living with the Aborigines or cycling to raise money for charity, or joining the Fire brigade or the surf living saving club, all to help???? No and No Turncoat wouldn’t want o get his clothes dirty.
    Tony we will miss you and know how many people voted for you and admire think so much of you.


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