Devoy converts to full fledged Marxist subversive

HRCNZWhereas my fundamental belief is that the Human Rights Commission is a gross impediment in our quest to one day become a dignified and civilised nation, I did allow myself the faint hope that Susan Devoy had the common sense to perhaps ameliorate somewhat the commission’s destructive effects on NZ’s way of life.

I no longer have that hope. It was dashed when I read an article by Devoy in the NZ Herald last Tuesday. The article was the most disgusting hate filled divisive rant I have read in a newspaper for some time, and really, it appears Devoy has been converted from a common sense NZer into a Marxist subversive determined to split our country asunder and make it an even easier target than what it currently is for the evil of global socialism.

Here are just a few of the assertions Devoy employed in her cowardly rant-

  • Australians are inherently racist and need lessons from NZers as to how to behave
  • NZ has “pockets of extremism” (meaning people who do not agree with Devoy)
  • White colonial NZers were an evil uncivilised lot who committed an endless litany of human rights abuses against Maori, who were blameless noble savages
  • White Australians treated Aborigines even worse and still do
  • School children indoctrinated with the view that white settlers brought evil and exploitation to NZ are an asset to our country
  • The booing of Australian sportsman Adam Goode was race based, (when it clearly was not).

And after her many slurs against white NZ and Australian settlers she then has the utter gall to refer to stereotyping..!!

I am sure Devoy never brought into this divisive mythical rubbish before she assumed her post as Commissioner. I dare say her conversion to fully fledged practitioner of Marxist mythology has come about as a result of scores of in-house re-education seminars where she was instructed by previously indoctrinated academics in the matter of “thinking correctly”.

I just wish so earnestly we had somewhere a politician with the guts to put a stop to this tearing at scabs, this exposure of old wounds, this self destructive need to present our history out of context in a way that has no benefit at all to our social development and only mires it in preoccupation with worthless divisive racial issues.

Devoy is bringing our country down and action should be taken within govt to stop her nonsensical propaganda (straight out of the Critical Theory handbook)  and close the doors of her destructive poisonous institution for ever.

4 thoughts on “Devoy converts to full fledged Marxist subversive

    • Amen again.
      places like the HRC are infested with these marxists who indoctrinate appointees to their way of thinking without challenge.


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