Disgraceful Mr. Farrar

Whereas I’m not surprised to see a Kiwiblog post on Donald Trump that basically parrots lines from the US political classes’ strategy manual, I was surprised to read a comment from Mr Farrar that attempted to link Trump to Hitler. He says

“A mass deportation of 11 million people, some of whom were citizens, would bring back memories of Europe in the 1930s.”

This is not only a disgraceful smear, its a complete misrepresentation of the situation in the US. How can anyone seriously link measures to combat invasion by illegal immigrants with Hitler’s deportation of German born Jews?

What is the basis of this comment? Does Mr. Farrar really means such a slur, or is it rather a panic reaction to the idea that Trump’s political ascendancy might smash the grip of the political class?

Charles Krauthammer is a FOX news commentator. His experience and legal knowledge pales into insignificance when compared to that of lawyer Mark Levin, who was a Reagan advisor, and has written a string of best sellers on Conservative political thought. Levin states that the 14th Amendment does not give citizenship to children of illegal immigrants who are born in the United States. This view is echoed by many other experts. Mark Levin says –

“those claiming that the 14th Amendment allows birthright citizenship are dead wrong, pointing to Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, which grants absolute power to Congress to establish a uniform rule of naturalization.

Levin explained that means that Congress – not the president, the courts or U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement – has the power to regulate immigration in this regard.

“Of course Trump is right and Cruz is right and Sessions is right. They’re all right,” Levin said.

“If you want a policy of open borders, that anybody born here should become a United States citizen, you amend the Constitution. We don’t have to amend the Constitution. It says what we say it says,” Levin stated. “By statute, going forward, prospectively, Congress can in fact say … ‘No, you cannot make children of illegal aliens American citizens automatically.'”

So there is no “abolition of the right to citizenship”. There is no similarity to Hitler’s forced deportations and death camps. There is no need for Congress to approve any change. So that demolishes the 14th amendment argument.

Now there is cost. Pro-invasion sources are making claims that the forced repatriation of illegal immigrants would cost $500 billion. There is no real evidence to support this claim and it is plainly just a political argument. Most illegal immigrants would just walk back over the border under their own steam if it was made clear there was no “path to citizenship” in the offing.

Moreover there are massive costs to the US taxpayers accrued from illegal immigration, including border policing, deportation, law enforcement and the criminal activities of those who have arrived without any vetting. There is also the fact that much of what working illegal immigrants earn is repatriated to Mexico.

There is no real analysis of the cost of repatriation against the cost of continued illegal immigration. I don’t know  what the maths would show either, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it a break even.

Then there is Mr. Farrar’s claim that Trump is helping Hillary. This claim flies in the face of such self evident truths as –

  1. Trump is leading against Hillary in the polls.
  2. Hillary has a good chance of going to prison for breaches of national security.

As for Marco Rubio, he’s never going to get the nomination. He ran on a Tea Party ticket for the Senate and then betrayed the Tea Party. He’s a loser who will never make it, and polling puts him out of contention anyway.

Mr Farrar’s post is the most disgraceful RINO misinformation, and one expects better of bloggers. We read blogs because we seek out truth. We don’t read blogs to be fed MSM / RINO political class bullshit.

19 thoughts on “Disgraceful Mr. Farrar

    • Farrar is shallow.He does not think and may not even spend the time to follow what is happening in the USA. A parrot of progressive thinking.

      I am surprised Bill O’Reilly is of the opinion that the 14th amendment is the law and can’t be changed.I would say Levins’ assessment is correct.


  1. Farrar is similar to Krauthammer or (for example) George Will, both of whom backed Ford and then Bush over Reagan. His (Farrar’s) analysis of America’s illegal immigrant problem has all the depth of a car-park puddle, borne out by the comment you quoted above. The salient point being “… some of whom were citizens …” If they’re illegals, they can’t possibly be citizens you imbecile!

    If I was a betting man, I’d put a fiver on him backing another Bush over (say) Cruz or even Walker. I do, however, think Trump is a wildcard. He is very close to the Clintons, and it’s still possible he’s a stalking horse for Hillary. If that’s the case, then he’s probably as surprised as the chattering pundits at his success in the polls.

    Of course, if Bush does somehow get the nomination it will almost guarantee Trump running a Third Party spoiler campaign, resulting in at least another 4 – and possibly another 8 – years of Communist rule.

    Personally, I don’t believe Hillary will be the nominee. Even if she isn’t indicted, she’s too tarnished even for Democrats to run. I think they’ll get Elizabeth Warren into the mix, and they’ll possibly do it either at, or even after, the Convention. In that event, the person Trump helps most is the best and most principles candidate of all 637 seeking the GOP nomination, and that’s Ted Cruz.

    And before anybody asks, NO I don’t for a second anticipate a Cruz/Trump ticket. Trump will take second-place to nobody. He will make a run at the top, either of the GOP or Independent ticket, or he’ll bow out and “gift” his supporters to another candidate; again, most likely Cruz.


    • I can’t make out Trump. Is he serious politician? Is he just a rich man letting off a bit of steam? Or is he a stalking horse; if so for whom? Hitlery? Cruz? I would hope the latter as he seems to be quite engaged with Sessions who is very much a conservative, and Cruz, another conservative, has been very quiet when it comes renouncing to Trump. The NYT had a piece where they tried to link Trump and Cruz rather unsuccessfully and you know how the NYT loves to destroy conservative candidates.

      I’d still like to see a Cruz/Fiorina ticket. He! he! That would put the cat among the pigeons at the NYT and WaPo.


      • Honestly, the only thing that makes sense to me is he intended to be a spoiler, to despoil the Republican field and allow Hitlery a clear run. He thought he would say the most outrageous things about the spics and get the Dem base all riled up, and show up those dirty Republicans for the racists the Democrats are always accusing them of being. I think he’s looking around and can’t believe his luck, so he’s decided to give it a serious nudge, involved Sessions to give his illegal immigration headlines some policy substance.

        Who knows, maybe he’s had a genuine Road to Damascus conversion? I hope so, but either way, I can’t see him being the nominee. What he is doing, in addition to getting the GOP base (and independents) excited about the race, is making the genuinely Conservative candidates (Cruz, Carson) more bold.

        For what it’s worth, the worst thing about Trump at the moment is the fact that Coulter has a tingle up her leg about him.

        A Cruz/Fiorina ticket has a lot of appeal. I’m concerned she ran as a moderate/liberal in California, she’s cracking at Trump about the illegals (apparently he’s “mean” or something), supported 0bamacare and a whole bunch of other liberal policies. But, she has Hitlery’s number well and truly, she wipes out the “woman problem” of both Hitlery and Fauxcahontas, she has the personal numbers of all the world’s leaders on speed-dial and will be a mighty good attack dog, allowing Cruz to float above the fray, staying positive and “Presidential”.


        • TGG

          You clearly haven’t read Trumps books then. A spoiler doesn’t tend to write so many great well thought out books on how to fix America since 2000 wthout having real conviction. He is the real deal IMHO. Your comments were made a month ago I know. cannot see Trump fading away while people are so desperate to take back their country.

          He is ordinary people, galavanising blacks, hispanics and democrats to vote for his simple message of common sense through action in a far deeper manner than Obama ever did when he scammed his audience regarding change. I am as convinced about Trump succeeding as I was about Obama failing and he has been a spectacular flop.

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          • I sure hope you’re right, KC. He doesn’t seem to be fading, in fact he seems to be going with increasing strength. As you say, he’s gaining all those “special interest” groups the GOPe bang on about but haven’t gotten since Reagan.

            It’s a long way from the first Primary, but there’s no sign of Trump imploding at this stage. He’s the man with the plan for the ONLY thing that matters. As a CEO, I’d guess his experience isn’t in doing everything himself but in building teams of great people who do things for him. He doesn’t speak about the Constitution and individual liberty as much as I’d like, but I’m sure there’d be a place for both Ted Cruz and Ben Carson in a Trump cabinet, and those guys will keep him within the bounds of Constitutionally.

            One thing is for sure, it’s going to be a very interesting next 5 months or so.


    • TGG, I have read Trumps books back to 2000. He was very critical of the Clintons and he is doing nothing to help Hillary get elected by suggesting she should be in jail. I think Trump is on a personal mission to be President and make his mark in history. History shows he has an ego as you must have to be in politics as a leader, but he has a strong sense of humanity and the drive to push through the bullshit. He has the will to succeed I believe.


  2. I just made the mistake of clicking the link in your tweet, Red, and dipping my toe into the Kommieblog ooze. Oh My God, but there are some half-baked wankers posting there as though they know something about something!

    Now, I need to go take a shower and wash off the slime. Where’s that bleach?


    • Painful isn’t it? Their assertiveness is matched only by their ignorance.

      That’s what happens when you allow the NZ MSM to form your opinions on US politics for you.


  3. “We read blogs because we seek out truth”

    Amen brother – I read Kiwiblog passively for about 6 years and the things that changed my opinions the most was reading he dissenting voices to the narrative. At least when National were out of power the likes of yourself could at least hope better days were ahead but now that the truth is out, they are saving their biggest attacks for those who dare criticise them from where there natural supporter base was and probably still is if they had the confidence to back themselves.

    The commies know this and is why they save their most vicious attacks for those who speak truth to power.

    I can’t so much as fart now on Commieblog without the rent a mob jumping immediately into action.


    • Yes, your summary of how Kiwiblog has changed is accurate. When Helen Clark was PM you could go there for some good critique of socialism, but since John Key has become PM, by more or less accepting the baton from Clark and running on in the relay with it, it has changed.

      If you read the comments at the Standard, they’re not much different to the comments at Kiwiblog. Socialists arguing over the best way to do socialism.

      There is one difference, and that is at the Standard, the commies there haven’t betrayed their mission. The comments there are actually more politically honest than those on Kiwiblog.

      This is what John Key has done to NZ. Made it a hopeless socialist sewer, betrayed the founders of the National party and betrayed the hopes of those who once thought he might bring something different to politics.

      The worst thing EAD is that those who have some understanding of capitalism knew what was necessary when Key took over. Knew what needed to be done to avert an economic crisis. Knew that an economic crisis would arrive if things were not done.

      The NZ economic train needed to change destination. It needed to get off the socialist railway line to destruction. Someone needed to pull the points lever and head the train in a new direction. Govt expenditure need to be cut. Govt departments needed to close. The people should have had major tax cuts.

      None of this happened. Gutless little flag changing pansy boy Key and his acolytes kept NZ on the socialist line, kept taxing and spending and gambled on a pickup in the world economy. Worse, they put so many of their chips on the controlled economy of Communist China. Worse again, they allowed mass invasion as a stop gap.

      And socialist govts all across the West, run by the same spineless jellyfish progressives as Key, have plundered and regulated the global economy into the ditch.

      Things are bad now and going to get a lot worse. It all could have been avoided or at least ameliorated if we’d have had real leaders and not spineless populist socialist jellyfish like Key and the rest.


  4. And the worst of it is, that all of these people, these middle class NZers who thought they had money, and were doing well, who were sucked in by Key and his little boy banker approach, are soon going to find their so called money worth little more than the paper it is printed on.

    Watch the arsehole try and shift the blame. “Oh, its an unexpected global economic retraction”. Useless little foreign exchange trading prick should have seen it coming years ago.


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