Mark Latham was right (raw uncut audio)

Mark LathamI don’t think former ALP leader Mark Latham did himself any credit with his behaviour at the Communist Melbourne Writer’s Festival. Whereas I’m not that particularly offended by his tirade of foul language, I think one should behave reasonably well while participating in any public forum.

However, at the same time, I allow Mark Latham the right to make that choice for himself. If he thinks there is some political or other advantage to be gained from behaving as he did then its down to him. He is after all an adult.

Actor and long time Communist Max Gillies was in the audience and told Latham that he didn’t come to “listen to an afternoon of abuse”. Latham replied: “Piss off, leave, go, go. It’s a democracy … Get your lard ass off the seat and go.”

Gillies should have been told this years ago.

If I strip away the profanity and focus on what Latham was trying to say, I have to agree with him. He says Labor is not focusing on what matters to voters but is instead driven by the faux concerns of the political class.

Latham singled out feminism, global warming, racism, same sex marriage, transgenderism, and a host of other such matters that he does not believe have any real connection to Labor’s traditional mission, the protection of the worker in the workplace and society.

I agree with this thesis, but this problem is not confined to the Labor party. It infects the whole political system. Latham like many doesn’t understand where its coming from. He doesn’t know about Cultural Marxism or Critical Theory, and even though he is now awakening from such influences, he doesn’t fully understand his condition.

Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory are a manifestation of modern academic Marxism, and by introducing these issues into mainstream political thought its proponents have managed to divide us and weaken us while stealthily advancing their Marxist cause.

In fact we had a much better political paradigm when these concerns were not evident. We had a much more effective democracy. We had a much more effective parliament.

Given Latham’s awakening, perhaps he could now become Bill Shorten’s replacement. In fact, he could probably even come to NZ and replace John Key or Andrew Little. Either way, the political debate and democracy would be far better served than at present.

I’m so sick of mealy mouthed political pansies too afraid to say what we all know needs saying.

If you want to, you can listen to Latham’s complete rant in this audio file.