Political class still completely clueless on Trump’s ongoing popularity

In spite of their massive efforts to discredit him, Donald Trump continues to defy the predictions and attacks of the political class and rises even further in the polls.

I noticed our resident Progressive Key pollster Mr. Farrar again showing his pique at the fact that someone who refuses to abide by the politically correct constraints Farrar and his class have foisted upon us over the years can be so well regarded by the voters.

How to go up in the polls is the title of Mr. Farrar’s latest snide attack on Trump, where once again he shows he just doesn’t get what the people are pissed off about, or what they like. Its an article on how George Ramos was thrown out of a Trump presser.

In this case there are two main issues the political class does not understand but the voters do-

  1. Ramos is not a journalist. Like so many who pretend to be these days, he’s actually a political advocate. Ramos strongly supports illegal immigration and believes the US is unlawfully occupying Mexican land. He was not at the presser to ask questions and report objectively to his customers, but to make himself the center of attention and confront Trump with points that pressed Ramos’s point of view.
  2. Trump doesn’t take any garbage from pretend reporters, and he fights back against their attempts to harass and intimidate. After he threw the ill-mannered thug Ramos out, Trump was kind enough to allow him back and engage with him.

So in respect of item 1) above, we have a fact the voters know and understand, and they approve of Trumps reaction to Ramos’s rudeness. They are sick of fake journalists pushing a political view rather than reporting objectively, so they approved of Trump’s actions in kicking Ramos out.

In the matter of 2) above, voters are also sick of politicians who kowtow to the media in the mistaken belief they represent the views of the people.  Voters are annoyed with politicians who have for too long failed to understand the media is far more liberal than the man in the street. Trump strikes a chord when he treats the media with the same contempt the voters have for them.

Trump will continue to rise in the polls as long as he continues to kick the political classes’ collective arses. Voters are sick of being looked down upon and sneered at by socialist elitists with a far greater opinion of themselves than what the public has of them.

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